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Student Creations

Please remember, writing is always a work in progress…

At the beginning of this school year, students created their own versions of the poem “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon.  Some elected to have excerpts of their poems published on the blog; others chose to have their entire poems posted.  This was a unique way to get to know them, and I really enjoyed reading the poems.  DM

“Where I’m From” poetry

I am from silage, at my grandpa’s farm. Strong, sweet-like smell. I am from wheat and corn,
5    that sways in the wind. I am from tractors and combines, and the graincart for harvest. I am from putting out fence post on hot summer days.
10 I’m from the crunching of crops from putting out irrigation pipe in the summer. I’m from driving 4-wheelers, all over the farm. I’m from the forts
15 in the bushes. Making the paths, with my bare hands. MS2


I am from mountain,
from soil and water and rock.
I am from river,
salty taste and smell like rain.
On my desk was a picture frame,
family picture and Matsumoto castle.
(Castle is white and black, contrasting colors). MH2


Where I come from it’s gravy and chicken,
And we go to solitude 9pm-9am
Where I come from we stay in for the Fourth to get to grillin,
And we won’t tell you how to make the sauce with a smile.
Where I come from we crank the stereo up to 10,
And love the crackling of oil with tonight’s dinner.
Where I come from it’s a a screen door you gotta push in,
And loud truck parked in a gravel drive. BB2


Where I’m From
I am from country music, Randy Travis and his wonderful guitar. Tim McGraw and his nice singing voice.
I am from big family gatherings and 5delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies and yummy snicker doodles. There will always be some very good cherry jubilee.
10And some very tasty freshly jarred pears. Also there will some very sweet chocolatey pudding pie.
15I am from children’s laughter. Especially this lose bull that chased my cousin and my sister and I up the boot slide at the park. I am from the late night fishing stories, but no pictures to prove it. I am from the two week camping trips to 20the lake with my mom, dad, brother, and sister. I am from the coppers are coming to get me’s whenever we see a cop car and the you better be nice’s were meant to keep 25me from getting in trouble.
We are like a pottery wheel that spins around because we’re always around the corner to help each other out. Great help in this lovely spinning world. JB2


I’m from a zoo, From the mountains to the planes I’m from a five kid family From 3 girls to 2 boys 5 From scraping my knees to brushing my teeth
I am from a traveling house
Roaming across the states I’m from a professional reff school From being a judge to holding a grudge
10 I’m from baking a cake to drinking a shake From eating past to eating crepes Im from playing games to watching tapes The life of an active kid to staying up in tailsten I am from eating dirt to tarring my shirt
15 I am from “shut up and cool down” From screaming to kicking I am from “I want a toy”
From old to new 20 I am from banana splits to playing in a ditch
I am from tall tails to short dinner bell From the fish to getting that itch I am from a travailing bus to o just got spanked on my butt
From the more moved, the more I knew I am from a sphere like family From Always running around 25 From that daily routine to being a teen I am from a beautiful and loving family. KW2


I’m from campfires and campers, From s’mores and country music. I’m from baa’s and cock-a-doodle-doo’s, From fun times to hard times.
5 I’m from “God does everything for a reason.” From hospitals to medicines. I’m from a sad Christmas Without Grandma,
From Halloween with “monkey people”.
10 I’m from bike wrecks, From injuries to illness. I’m from a trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s, From freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
I’m from monkey bread and little smokies 15 On Christmas morning,
From instant and brewed coffee. I’m from love From cards for any celebration.
I’m from hunting hogs in the spring, 20 From checking traps
With Daddy in the morning. I’m from coons and coyotes, From Muck or Bog boots With tucked in jeans.
25 To look at a map, Would be looking At my family. Everyone different. Some close, some far away,
30 Some love, some hate. But together we make each other Complete. JM2


I’m from the old mirror From where old story Came to those days. I’m from the scorpion land 5 Where poison it’s everywhere. GS2


I am from the good times With more to come like
20.    The edges in a mountain. ZS2


How it is
I am from love,
From hugs and kisses.
I am from the dog hair in the rug.
(black and white like salt and pepper.)
I am from army boots.
Sitting by the from door
That get worn everyday,
By the man of the house.

I’m from yelling and screaming,
From forgiveness and laughter.
I’m from the dog barking all night,
And a warm apple candle burning.
From you move your feet, you lose your seat.
I’m from a father running after an ice cream truck,
And pretending the floor is lava.

I am from love,
From laughter and hope.
I am from a gamer family,
More like a little brother.
A hard working mother, and a military father.

I’m from a family like a magnet
Seems to stick but sometimes falls.
From a little girl using her imagination about her puppy,
The love that will never be lost. MC2


I’m from homemade fudge
And homemade bread.
I’m from roses
And gardens
5And gossip.
I’m from love
And hate.

I’m from sugar cookies
And laughter.
10I’m from “This is not your house,”
And drunk nights.
I’m from sweet
And bitter.
I’m from owls
15And feathers.

I’m from concerts
And rain
And stars.
I’m from mistakes
20And imperfections.
I’m from wood
And paint.
I’m from scrubs
And worn out shoes.

my closest
Is a suitcase
Full of pictures,
Faces long gone.
I am one of those faces
Still making my mark.

25 In my closest
Is a suitcase
Full of pictures,
Faces long gone.
I am one of those faces
Still making my mark.RF2


I’m from roses, from a lilac bush and my mom’s perfume, ( A sweet pea smell)
5 I’m from my grandma’s Pumpkin pie, and turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m from laughter and squealing, to running around, and dog barks.
10 I’m from a small town, with the “think before you do” and the “I love you” to the “never too old.”
15 I’m from our most embarrassing childhood story, to the special events that took place. I’m from getting a picture
at my sister’s school with a 20 baby lion, to moving in with
my step dad.
I’m from the “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” to the “watch your mouth!”
25 I’m an onion, where my family and I are one in the same, but we will always have a layer
of differences somewhere 30 in our roots. RS2


I am from flowers and funny faces.
I am from the Appleby vertically challenged.
I am from yappy dogs by my bedside.

I’m from “go clean this, go clean that”.
I’m from country music BBQ nights.
I’m from smart remarks and arguments.

I’m from homemade apple pie
to the famous spaghetti nights.
I’m from smelly work boots lingering on the back step.
I’m from strong coffee and smelly perfume mornings.

I am from late night stories
to the sound of dad singing.
I am from Grandpa’s work shop
to the house next door.
I am from “you grew up too fast”
to “grow up”.

I’m from the little red wagon behind the mower to
The swing set in the back yard.
I’m from pulling hair
to ornery decisions.
I’m from fresh baked bread
to tomatoes, onions and cheese on a supreme pizza,
like the varieties of different personalities in my family. TT2


I am from tractors, From plowing and planting crops. I am from shearing sheep in January, Packing the oily wool down in the bags. 5 I’m from helicopters flying to Fort Riley, From their cannons firing in the distance.
I am from freshly swathed alfalfa, The leaves flying everywhere when raked. I am from fishing with cousins on Saturday, 10 And going to church Sunday morning. I’m from Grandma frying chicken and gravy Fresh bread and chocolate-chip cookies. From freshly squeezed apple juice in the summer To hot chocolate during the winter.
15 I am from hunting turtle doves in the fall, Deer in the winter and turkeys in the spring. From checking traps before school And trying not to cuss when I catch a skunk. I’m from helping Dad and Grandpa skin a calf or hog, 20 Then butchering it in Grandpa’s basement with all the family.
I am from sledding on an old truck hood Behind a truck, tractor, or four wheeler Then going home and trying to get all the snow off and out of my clothes. I’m from camping by the river 25 And seeing how big of a fire we can build.
I am from doing things with friends and family Things might not always end up how you think they will. Just like a tree doesn’t always go straight up, It still will keep going no matter what gets in the way. DB2


I’m from sillies and crazies, and loud laughter all around (10)From jokes with inappropriate punch lines, and the hard laughing “sorry” afterwards. I’m from embarrassing miscommunications, that are shared to everyone and tomato red faces are lit. JD2


I am from Johnny Kaw, from the city park and basketball courts. AS2


15 I am from the “you know who you are, you know what you’re doing, now knock it off!” To the ” Would you say that in front of grandma?” I am from the “sit down and shut up!” To the “speak your mind!” 20 I am from a family of 34 immediate Family plus some more. With a lot of “blonde moments” MR2


I am from drying sheets, From sleeping under fresh cotton. I am from a baby pink house Under a bright crimson roof. I am from the clang of pots and pans, From the aroma of bratwurst.
I am from the Smokey Mountains, At Christmas with the family. From dreamsicle fudge, Melting in my mouth.
I am from sweet peas, and sweet hearts. From stories of my grandpa’s childhood, Trudging through the snow for 10 miles. I am from a grand Christmas dinner, With familiar faces all around.
I am from calling out the camel-shaped tree That guards our driveway. From grease filling the air, To gorgeous sunflowers in a vase.
I am from barking dogs, And cats meowing, And goats bleating in the yard.
I am from the clicking of a keyboard And the whirring of a computer. From video game soundtracks To blocky graphics.
I am from a great big clock, With gears of all shapes and sizes, All working together smoothly. CW2


I’m from a clean house, And a cleaner conscience. I’m from piano music, And the sounds of guitar, 30 And singing softly at night. I am from my family, 35 Who raised me from a sapling, To grow into a thriving tree. KE2


I am from “get your hands out of your pockets” and “I love yous” to “I want my daddy!” 20 I am from meeting new people to traveling every other weekend.
I am from my grandma, holding me tight when I had no one left. SS2


My family Not just laughs with each other, But cackles at each other. My family loves to joke. 5Especially stereotyping about cheerleading Brian does it on purpose
because I am one. So I always retaliate with Remember when you got that cheese 10Stuck in your throat And you had to keep pulling on it? AK2


Where I’m From I am from strawberries plastered around The kitchen at grandmas house From daddy’s work clothes thrown in a basket After a hard days work I am from white vehicles Lining both sides of the street From the sound of vehicles Starting in the morning
Im from music playing all through the house I’m from the crazy, hilarious, annoying sounds my dad makes From the sounds of his washing everything. From the grass being watered even when it’s raining I’m from being able to hear the sirens wherever you are in town From fires being a community gathering
I’m from Betty Crocker brownies and baked banana bread From scentsy pot fragrances I am from pigs driving south of town And cows going north.
From fresh air on late summer nights And bonfires in the middle of winter
I’m from fireworks being blown up In the July 4th sky From barbecues down by the lake I’m from sun kissed skin
From spending hours at the lake
I’m from people driving in circles every year at fair time From long trips to Oklahoma Im from baking cookies with grandma To eating thanksgiving dinner with the entire family And opening presents with my mom, dad, and brother I’m from the family creating their own family tree. AH2



2 Responses to “Student Creations”

  1. M.H 6 hour said

    Where I’m from,
    I’m from the smell of mowed grass,
    From the windows open to the fresh breeze of spring and smell of vanilla incense,
    and Gain laundry detergent.
    I’m from running and playing outside until dark,
    From my dad teaching me how to bait a hook.
    I am from my grandpa bob’s last I love you to me.
    From dont give up try harder.
    I’m from the smell of my grandma Laura’s cooking and the smell of coffee and cigarettes,
    From dreams that never came true and hopes that were crushed.
    I’m from do what you are told or you will get in trouble.
    I’m from hurt, pain, loss, and not afraid to get dirty.
    I’m from trucks not cars,
    From if you believe in something go for it.
    I’m from get together a talking abut old memories about e and my brother being born to where we are now,
    From pictures being taken at every get together,
    From memories lasting forever.
    My family is like birds
    We start out at the nest, then when it’s time to go we fly.

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