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Talk Back 11…Marriage

Posted by murphydl on May 6, 2016

On page 149 of Tuesdays with Morrie, Morrie suggests four rules he believes to be true about love and marriage. Create your own list of four rules for  success in love/marriage. Explain why your first rule is the most important. Responses due by 11:59 p.m., Friday, May 6.


37 Responses to “Talk Back 11…Marriage”

  1. KT2 said

    I think in a marriage/ relationship you have to have trust, if you can’t trust your partner then the relationship will fail because your constantly worrying about what the other partner is doing. That leads me into talking about loyalty if you want someone who doesn’t cheat then you have to do the same also lastly respecting your partner if very important you should be able to laugh and joke around with your partner just like your friends

  2. Ztodd said

    Understanding, trust, acceptance, caring.
    Understanding is knowing what you both want.

  3. KT2 said

    I think in a marriage/ relationship you have to have trust, if you can’t trust your partner then the relationship will fail because your constantly worrying about what the other partner is doing. That leads me into talking about loyalty if you want someone who doesn’t cheat then you have to do the same also lastly respecting your partner if very important you should be able to laugh and joke around with your partner just like your friends.

  4. Gd2 said

    1 Be honest
    2 stay faithful
    3 be fair
    4 be kind

    If your not honest with one another there is no future. You have to keep things open so you can have trust.

  5. MC2 said

    My first rule would have to be no getting jealous. I believe that jealousy kills realattionships . My second one would have to be no stabbing each other in the back on purpose. My Third rule would be planning things ahead and no backing out. Nothing pisses me off more than people bailing out. My fourth rule of marriage your changing all the diapers on kids. I don’t do poo.

  6. CK2 said

    Communication- because no marriage can be successful when you don’t talk to your spouse

  7. Ms2 said

    Faith, respect, patience and thankful. My first one is the most important because with out God what’s the point.

  8. BM5 said

    1.) trust, without trust in any relationship it will ultimately fail.

    2.) communication

    3.) sacrifice/compromise

    4.)knowing each other’s limits, breaking points, likes and dislikes

  9. My four would be Trust. Because without trust there is no way you will last years of being together. Next is communication. You like the spouse’s family. Outgoing. Going places with each other. Keeping the spark and showing each other off. Being proud of your spouse.

  10. Jc2 said

    1. Compassionate- no matter what happens being companionate is always important.
    2. Faithful
    3. Trust
    4. Communication

  11. Kd2 said

    You have to be able to trust one another, this is the single most important rule because, if you can’t trust the one you’re spending your life with, how happy will you be? Without trust is there really a relationship? Next three would have to be communication, honesty, and reliability.

  12. Jv2 said

    1. Communication
    2. Be honest
    3. Be respectful
    4. Forgiveness
    Communication is key because everyone needs to be on the same page. Without communication it would be difficult to work though problems or just talking on a daily basis.

  13. ES2 said

    1.) Be faithful
    2.)Have fun
    3.)Make good food
    I think the first rule is important because you should be able to trust each other, and not worry about something like that.

  14. Sk2 said


    Honesty is the most important thing because even if you make a mistake, coming clean and telling the truth will always be the best path. Without honesty there can be no trust and it will cause a multitude of issues in the marriage.

  15. JJ6 said

    Being able to enjoy/have fun with each other

    I believe trust and honesty is the biggest success in a marriage. If you can’t trust someone what is the point in investing your time into them. Love may be the greatest thing in a relationship, but if you can’t trust that person or be honest with them then it isn’t worth the pain or time.

  16. Hd2 said

    Rule number one what’s yours is mine and what’s is mine mine.
    Rule number two no kids.
    Rule number three don’t talk to me.
    Rule number four you cook you clean.

  17. Gabe Anderson said

    1 Be faithfull to the other person and the same for them. I say this because if you truly love that person you won’t do things behind there back.
    2 teamwork
    3 communication
    4 learn to make each other happy

  18. BB 2 said

    My four rules that I picked for marriage are 1) being honest with eachother, 2) be there for eachother in times of need, 3) spend time with the family, 4) respect and trust on another. I think that my first rule is the most important because being honest create a better marriage for you and your spouse and it creates a better image for your kids. If you are honest with eachother than you are likely to stay together and not get a divorce.

  19. kl2 said

    Respect because respecting one an other is a big part of a loving relationship

  20. DT2 said

    1. Be Loyal
    2. Never stop showing affection
    3. Have fun (don’t live so serious)
    4. Never lie

    The reason I picked be loyal as my first rule is because if you’re not loyal then everything falls apart and then you end up with no love/marriage

  21. Hh2 said

    1. Respect me the way you want to be respected. (No cheating)
    2. Understand my lifestyle, farming can be busy and require long, late, early hours.
    3. If you cook a good meal I’ll provide the money for the food!
    4. I drive on family trips and you only help me drive when I ask for your help.
    5. Love like crazy.

  22. dc2 said

    A few of my rules are.
    1. Have faith and god in our life’s.
    2. A marriage is always stay truthful to one another.
    3. Have a open heart and tell everything to one another.
    4. Always compromise with one another.

    The first rule is very important. God is the one that put us on this Earth and we need to thank him everyday we are here.

  23. Mo2 said

    1. Be truth full to each other
    2. Always be ready to just listen, to what the other person is saying
    3. Spend time together, outside of the house
    4. Appreciate each other
    It’s important to be truthful to each other, because if you can’t tell your spouse what you are thinking or doing. Then that makes your spouse feel like you can’t trust them. Also not telling the truth and the other person finds out about it, that is how arguments start and they could lead to divorce.

  24. BL said


    I choose trust as my first attribute for a successful marriage, the reason why is quite simple actually. In a marriage need to be able to trust one another, whether it be far apart or close to one another. As well you have to trust your partner with decisions that must be made, with children , money etc. A relationship should be built upon trust and commitment.

  25. MW 2 said

    The first rule would be Forgiveness. Often times, holding a grudge will ruin things. Then, I would say patience, acceptance, hard work, space(also pretty important) and finally caring when the other needs you.

  26. Db2 said

    no rules in love and war at least that what people quote from “all’s fair in love and war”

  27. LM6 said

    1. Do not cheat.
    2. Do not break your partners trust.
    3. Do not abuse your family members.
    4. Do not abuse the use of money.

    The reason why do not cheat is my number one choice is because in my mind if you cheat you loose my trust. Which is ironically my second rule.

  28. CC6 said

    1. Trust : no cheating and being able to have trust will keep the relationship on good terms
    2. Forgiveness
    3. Caring
    4. Communication

  29. KH6 said

    1. Trust
    2. Faithfulness
    3. Love
    4. Be able to get along

    I feel like if you can’t trust someone then the love with end of failing. Trust is an important thing to have in a relationship.

  30. JB6 said

    1. Understanding – For marriage to be successful you must understand where your partner comes from at all times.
    2. Trust
    3. Sacrifice
    4. Fun

  31. B.K.6 said

    Rule 1: Don’t get offended easily.
    Rule 2: Trust and Honesty.
    Rule 3: Good since of humor.
    Rule 4: Be patient.
    The reason why rule one is important to me is because I hate when people got offended easily and go on a rant on why something is bad. It’s very annoying.

  32. drue said

    trust otherwise it would be strained all the time, understanding so you can know where each other are coming from on bad days, fun like being around them, random never know how they might surprise you next.

  33. Ty6 said

    Loyalty, trust, confidence, honesty, fun,

  34. Cy6 said

    My first rule for success in love/marriage would have to be honesty. I think that in order to be in a good relationship that will last you have to be honest with each other about everything. Second rule would have to be loyalty. Loyalty is a big part in a relationship it could either make or break a relationship. My third rule is freedom. Freedom to do what you want without being told how to do it.
    My Fourth rule is arguing it’s gonna happen in every relationship so don’t drag it out try to get the issue figured out as soon as possible and then go back to the normal caring day.

  35. MR6 said

    Trust, because if you don’t have trust then you don’t have anything. I know many people say it, but it’s because its completely true. If you question everything that your partner says then what’s the point of being with them in a relationship?

  36. Sethhughes6 said

    1). Be honest always. Being honest is most important because then your relationship will be better and you can have more trust.
    2). Be caring. And show love for each other.
    3). Have 30 minutes of sharing how each others day was and what happened.
    4). Weekly dates, go on dates at east once a week.

  37. Ty6 said

    Loyalty, appreciation, honestly, love,

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