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Talk Back 10…What’s Your Personality?

Posted by murphydl on April 28, 2016

After you complete the 16 Personalities survey, study the results. Then list your results (INTJ-T for example) and your thoughts about the results. Were they accurate? How could you use this information in the future? Responses due 11:59 p.m. today, April 28, 2016.


34 Responses to “Talk Back 10…What’s Your Personality?”

  1. ER2 said

    My results were ENFJ-T meaning I’m a protagonist. I feel like this was an accurate definition of my life. The reason I feel this way is I’ve always been told if you want it done right and you want it badly do it right yourself. I could use this in the future for maybe looking for a job in what I wanna be and how this could help me maybe find someone like me. This website was very interesting it was accurate but I do not need this website to tell me what I am I know who I am and I know how I express myself. I am not afraid to say it out loud if it isn’t the truth then it doesn’t need to be said. That is the type of person I am this website did show me though that I am who I thought God made me to be.

  2. Ztodd said

    I’m the Advocate. It was pretty accurate. In my job.

  3. muglerb said

    They said I was a entertainer. I believe I am I like to be around people and party and wants everyone to be happy. This could help me in my future by going to college and I could entertain people so I would meet new friends. Also I like to go out and always wanna be doing what other people are doing.

  4. Gd2 said

    Almost all of my results ended up almost right in the center of each and every area. I think that it was accurate for me and was correct to the best it could be without have more questions.

  5. Jc2 said


    I feel that it explains a lot about me that I had no idea why I reacted to things in certain ways but now I know. I think it was really accurate. I could use this in the future for my job and my family and how others act the way they do.

  6. Kd2 said

    Infp-t, I don’t know how accurate it really is because I had to guess on some questions because like I don’t really know if I truly answered them honestly.

  7. Casey Kohlman, Hr2 said

    My results were ENFP. After reading the description and all of its details I feel like these results were pretty accurate to the way I live. I think I can use these results in the future by improving on the certain weaknesses that I saw in the description.

  8. KT2 said

    My results were ( ESFP- T) I think they were pretty accurate and it puts things in to perspective because it was a very open test and it relates a lot to life. I could use these results in life because I plan to be a RN, BSN so I’ll be working with people and knowing my strengths and weaknesses is good to know!

  9. ESFJ Was my personality type. It’s somewhat true. There’s some stuff about it I don’t agree with but mostly true. Some of the stuff they said I wish was true!

  10. BM5 said

    I was “the defender” and the farther I read the more spot on it got

  11. DT2 said

    My personality was ISFP-A, my results also are pretty spot on. It will help me make friends and it will also help with getting a job and being kind of flexible.

  12. Hh2 said

    (ESFJ-T) seems fairly fitting, I haven’t got read it all the way through yet. But I feel I need to be in charge and leading, but not hurting anybody.

  13. BB 2 said

    The results that I got from taking the 16 Personalities survey were. Introverted 54%, Observant 65%, Feeling 74%, Judging 93%, and Turbulent 57%. I thoughts were accurate because I am quite but am starting to talk more and I am observant when I meet new people or when I am on an adventure outside. I did not agree with the judging part because I do not judge other people but I judge what I think other people think about me. I will use these results in the future because I will become more of and extrovert when I get to meet new people in college and where I chose to live in the future I will also meet and talk to new people from the community.

  14. Ms2 said

    ESFJ-A the consul which means I am organized and carrying. I think it matched me pretty well I don’t like to wait last moment for anything because I get stressed out easily and I don’t like that feeling. A lot of people don’t listen to to me when I start to talk so I make sure to listen to others when they want to vent or just talk. I think this will continue to help me as an adult!

  15. kl2 said

    On the 16 personalities survey I just took it pretty much explains me. On Mind I got 55% Extraverted – Introveryed 45%
    Energy 65% Intuitive – Observant 35% Nature 33% Thinking – Feeling 67% Tactics 55% Judging – Prospecting 45%
    Identity 33% Assertive – Turbulent 67% looking at my results I would say i might make it threw life with my mind the way it is.

  16. MO2 said

    The results I received were very accurate and I was very surprised to see that the group I fall into is “the defender”. After reading all the information, it cave me a better idea of what I should do for a career. Also it has showed me that I am part of a small, but rare group of individuals.

  17. cy6 said

    I believe that most of my results are correct I’m kinda of a shy person when it comes to meeting new people but wants i get to know them then i just get crazy. i am also pretty observant i will notice the little thing right of the bat if i now the person or place that’s changed or changing. it might not seem like it to most people but i care quite a bit when it comes down to friends and family. i don’t mind learning new stuff at all in fact it could be fun just depending on the stuff that’s being taught thats why i feel like i am the role of an explorer.

    Individual traits
    Introverted: 64%
    Observant: 72%
    Feeling: 81%
    Prospecting: 81%
    Turbulent: 62%
    Role: Explorer
    Strategy: Constant Improvement

  18. mw6 said

    I got the logician and after reading all it had to say, for the most part, its pretty accurate.

  19. BL said

    My results are (ENFJ-A) “The Protagonist”.
    In all honesty I must say this nails me right on the spot. It shocks me as to how accurate it is, the strengths, weaknesses, everything through and through. Every last thing is spot on, every flaw, emotion, and every instability that I see within my own life. At times I care too much for others and show no restraint in helping others, but at times can fall apart due to stretching myself so thin. In the future I believe that these results will show through my actions and all of my thoughts. Now that I have more insight upon my own personality I can now take action towards the future, as well with planning.

  20. Sethhughes6 said

    Yes they were accurate and had good information, this could show if I stay the same or change in the future. These results were spot on with my life.

  21. CC6 said

    I would say my results were fairly accurate. My individual strengths are -Introverted: 74%, Observant: 56%, Feeling: 87%, Judging: 85%, Turbulent: 69%. The percentages seem exactly like me especially the feeling because I care more about people’s emotions then winning/truth. I can use this in my future because being organized is a major part of cosmetology school.

  22. JB6 said

    I received the title of the “Campaigner” and it is highly truthful. I’m glad I am able to see people like me. This will help me decide what career path I will choose.

  23. Morgan cervantes said

    “The Debater” (ENTP-T) I thought the results were accurate. I want to work on my weaknesses. I haven’t gone through all the information quite yet but I was impressed with the accuracy so far.

  24. KH6 said

    “The Consul” (ESFJ-A). I feel like my results were accurate. It said that I care about others more than myself. I feel like in order to be a teacher you would need to focus more on everyone else than yourself.

  25. Gabe said

    THE ADVENTURER”) My results were accurate and it shows that I am a hands on person and love the outdoors and it might be good for the type of job I might get.

  26. B.K.6 said

    Introverted: 55%, Observant: 72%, Feeling: 63%, Judging: 52%, Assertive: 85%.
    Role: Sentinel
    Strategy: Confident Individualism
    My results were accurate to what I am doing in my future.

  27. Osborne 6 said

    I am the “debater” (ENTP-A). I believe this information is pretty darn accurate. The survey describes me as a person who likes to take charge and wants it my way. I think this survey made me realize that I need to take others around me into consideration more when I say or do things. Sometimes “my” way isn’t always the best way. However I would not like to change the leader aspect. I have never really been a follower. I enjoy doing things that are out of the norm. I just don’t feel like I could ever be a sheep, that’s why I choose to be a Shepard.

  28. Jv2 said

    (ESFJ-T) I think the results that I got are totally me. I’m extraverted, observant, feeling, judging, and turbulent.

  29. Sk2 said

    I got the Logician (INTP-T). I think it’s pretty accurate because I think everything through.

  30. JJ6 said

    INFP-T The Mediator
    For the most part I agree with what it says. I connect with people well and understand their feelings. I also agree that I’m too idealistic. I give people the benefit of the doubt and always look for the good in someone no matter what. I could use this in the future by getting to know how each person new in your life is before you actually get to know them. It would help with over stepping boundaries.

  31. LM6 said

    Mine was an entertainer, I think it isn’t far from right because I like to make people’s days better and I am a positive person. I guess I could try to make more people happy or become a stand up comedian.

  32. dc2 said

    I don’t believe in surveys very much. Mine was CONSUL (ESFJ-T) i’m not to sure what that means. The information it gave me wasn’t all true. I can use this in the future by interacting with others, planing my school work and working with other people. It kind of lets me know where I am at in life as well.

  33. Db2 said

    I choose neutral for every question when I saw my results I didn’t really agree with somethings

  34. ES2 said

    I got INFP-T The Mediator. I pretty much agree with thale results, I’m not a really social person. I guess I could use the results to look at my different strengths and weaknesses.

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