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Talk Back 9…In Morrie’s Place

Posted by murphydl on April 21, 2016

If you had received the news Morrie did from the doctor, explain what you think your reaction might have been. Responses due Thursday, April 21, 2016, at 11:59 p.m.


38 Responses to “Talk Back 9…In Morrie’s Place”

  1. Ztodd said

    Sad knowing that my life is over.

  2. MC2 said

    I probably wouldn’t of took it to well. But I know I wouldn’t go back and teach more. I would be done. I would probably be at home just waiting for my time. I don’t like the thought of knowing I will die.

  3. Ms2 said

    If I was to receive the same news that Morrie did from the doctor I don’t know how I would have reacted. I think I would be more like Morrie or maybe I just hope I would be. It would be scary, but sometimes life happens and you can’t do anything about it so you just have to make the best of what your got.

  4. Kd2 said

    I would be trying to do everything I can while I can. I would be upset as it gets worse but I would keep on doing things that I love until I literally can’t. I would let people know as it gets to the point where you can see it, but I won’t tell until I have to because I don’t want people feeling sorry for me, treating me any different, I want them to remember me as I am on my good days.

  5. ER2 said

    If I received the news Morrie did from the doctor I think I would just be shocked. I wouldn’t know what to do for the first few days but I know this that I would spend every second trying to find family to tell them that I loved them and that I hope they would learn from my experience. Writing a book about my past knowledge and something like Morrie did I think I’d do that just to feel like I did as much as I possibly could to help others before I passed. Last but not least I’d ask my family to be with me while I would be passing on and pray to God I go to heaven.

  6. CK2 said

    I would probably go into a bought of depression and sit at my house and play xbox because that’s all I would be able to do after a while. I would obviously have crying parents that would tell me to do otherwise but I wouldn’t care anyways.

  7. Jc2 said

    I think I would have fainted from hearing the news and my life would have flashed before my eyes. Knowing that in a short period of time you are gone forever. I would want to do as much stuff as I can physically do.

  8. Db said

    I wouldn’t care as much as Morrie did when he got the news

  9. MO2 said

    If I got the news from my doctor that Morrie got, I would be quiet and not really talk to anyone. This would let me be able to really let the news sink in and get my thoughts in order. After that I would try things that I have not done before and spend more time with my friends/family.

  10. DT2 said

    I think I would have a completely different reaction that what Morrie had. I would start feeling extremely depressed and constantly worrying about what my family is going to do without me. I wish I could take it like a champ like Morrie but knowing myself I wouldn’t be able do grasp the concept of dying like he did.

  11. Jv2 said

    I would be shocked and sad at the same time. I know lots of people have died at a young age but if I had that I would be the youngest person in my family to have pasted away. I know if I would have a certain time till I’d die I would make the best of it as much as I can.

  12. ES2 said

    If that happened to me I would just start doing whatever I wanted. Old people can get away with a lot of stuff than younger people, especially since I’m going to die soon. I would have some fun before I died, like a police chase. Maybe a bank robbery, it all just kinda depends what I feel like at the time.

  13. Gd2 said

    I think I would have been a little more sad then what he was just because of my age compared to his. I also would of thought of all the things I want to do before I can’t. I really don’t know what I would do till it happens to me.

  14. Bm2 said

    If I had received the news Morrie had I would be sad but at the same time I lived a good life. I wouldn’t let it get me down I would live for the moment not the future. Also I would try to have more fun than I did before do things I’ve always wanted to do and tell my friends and family that love them and don’t let this get you down. We all have to die at some point in our life.

  15. BB 2 said

    If I received the news that Morrie did from the doctor I would be shocked. I would also be freaking out that I don’t have very much longer to live. I would ask the doctor lots of questions about the disease that I have and if there is any medication I can take to help me get over the disease.

  16. Hh2 said

    I feel like I would just be lost… All my life’s work of building a family, teaching others, earning money, and working hard to stay healthy, just gone in a short amount of time because of a disease that I don’t even know the cause to. I would hope I could get to the point where I just live for what’s left but man, I wasn’t really ready for the end.

  17. dc2 said

    If I received the news that had just gotten ALS I would keep my head up high and start doing things that I wanted to do along time ago.
    I know that there would ups and downs but that’s all apart of life.

  18. Hd2 said

    I think if a doctor told me I had a disease and I was going to die I probly be speechless. Certainly because I have not done everything I wanted to do in my life. I didn’t live my life to the fullest it could be.

  19. MW 2 said

    I would be self destructive and very mad about this disease. Ultimately towards my demise I would feel depressed however still angry that something like that killed me.

  20. KH6 said

    I would feel almost as Morrie did. I would probably still continue to do everything that I normally do so I don’t get stressed out.

  21. Caleb Osborne said

    I would do something that I had always wanted to do. I would totally hold up a bank. I would want it to end with a intense gunfight ultimately ending in my demise. This would not wait around for the disease to slowly kill me. If you know the kind of person I am you would see that I would want to go out with a bang.

  22. B.K6 said

    I think I would go into a state to where everything is drowned out by a single noise and my thoughts would be racing and I wouldn’t pay attention to anything else.

  23. BL said

    I would be devastated, although I wouldn’t be worrying about bills or expenses at the time. The only true item that I would be worrying about at that time is spending time with my family. Not just that, but spending my life doing what I love, with of course the time that I have left. This in all honesty would mean the most to me, and it would be all that I could ask for.

  24. JB6 said

    My reaction would begin with a surreal sigh along with a shake of my head in disbelief. After living a life where you are constantly busy. It becomes difficult to even imagine the concept of death let alone accept it as your own fate. So I believe my long-term reaction would be taking a step back and asking myself if I was happy with the life I’ve lived. If the answer is yes then I will be at peace. However, if the answer is no I will spend the rest of my time left making it a life worth lived.

  25. LM6 said

    Obviously I would be very disappointed with the fact that I knew I was in my final stage of life. Because of knowing this I feel as if I would try to make everyone I meet or see happy. I would also do the thing which I love the most which is farm. As well as write out a very good will for when I pass.

  26. Ty6 said

    I think my reaction would have been shock, and anger. I don’t think I could wrap my head around it at first. I think I would eventually except it for what it was, and except that it was my time to go.

  27. morgan c said

    I think my reaction would’ve been very similar. Regardless of how people think you should act or feel after finding out that news, I would want to make the most of the rest of my life. I would go out and do the things I hadn’t done before cause i thought there was no time, i would start saying what i wanted to say even if i thought they didn’t matter. I would be honest with myself and those around me. I do think i’d feel a great sadness but the desire to end life happily would overcome it.

  28. My first reaction would probably be denial. I would tell the doctor he is making it up and tell them to retest because it couldn’t be true. Nothing that bad could happen to me is what my mind set would more than likely be at. Although, after sometime I would come to terms with it and live my life as if I didn’t know I was just told I was going to die.

  29. CC6 said

    I think my reaction would be the same as Morrie’s because it would be depressing but things happen in life that we can’t control. I would make the best of it and enjoy the rest of my life left. I would focus on doing what I’ve never done, like going to Paris, and also making other people happy. I would want them to know that this is life and they should make the most out of theirs everyday like its their last.

  30. bM5 said

    I think my reaction would be mostly anger. I hate the fact of being useless, and not being able to be active, but then eventually I’d get used to it and adapt, and await my final days

  31. Cody said

    Honestly it’s one of though’s thoughts that is hard to wrap you’re head around. I would probably panic and kiss my wife at the time and tell her everything will be alright. But once I just accept it I would go do stuff I never would before. My fears would really go away. I would just try to embrace it, but also remember it’s there so help everyone I can while I can.

  32. Allison Baker 6 said

    Honestly I would hope that I would have the mental strength to take the news as well as Morrie did. But I don’t think I would, at least not right away. I would be angry and confused. I would want to know more about what as going to eventually kill me and I would just want more time.

  33. Sethhughes6 said

    I would try to stay calm and collective, and not freak out. I would do as much as I could with the little bit of life I had left. I would do everything I could for my wife and kids and write thank you notes to people who have helped me most in life. I would be as happy as I could be, and always be kind. I would be depressed on the inside but I would not let my emotions show it. I would be thankful for the great life I’ve had.

  34. KT2 said

    I would have been highly devastated it’s like any critical disease you don’t know when the end is coming but you know it’s sooner then later. So you have to ride it out with all the highs and lows and just be determined to make everyday a great day but I think we should also always live like we are dying then we all would be better people.

  35. Cy6 said

    If I got the news that Morris got I think that I would try to love my life to the fullest and do all the things that I wanted to do no matter what the risk or the cost is because I know that I am already dead anyway so why not have fun doing the stuff that I always wanted to do.

  36. MR6 said

    I probably wouldn’t have taken it well at first, but I think with some time I would have thought it over and figured out that my time is limited and I should probably actually start living my life before I am no longer capable.

  37. drue said

    if i heard the news i would do sooooooooo many things worthy of steve Os name. It would without a doubt be the most lit part of my life.

  38. KL2 said

    If I got the same news Morris did well that a tricky question. By all means not a lot of people would take it as Morris did, but you have to look at it from his point of view. I would want to leave this world with the ability to say I made a change in at least one persons life. So i would go back to work doing something i loved to do so i could make my life worth living.

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