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Talk Back 8…Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted by murphydl on April 19, 2016

Navigate to Mitch Albom’s website and read the article “Maybe Charity Critics Deserve Ice Bucket Dump”.  Then respond to the following prompt: List 2 issues that critics have/had with the ALS ice bucket challenge, then explain how Albom answers their concerns. What are your thoughts about the ice bucket challenge or similar social-media directed fundraising?


37 Responses to “Talk Back 8…Ice Bucket Challenge”

  1. Gd2 said

    He has two big problems with people who say it wastes water and favors one desease over another one. He basically told the people fight it to grow up and look around them. This was because the weren’t fair in there protest by having double standards for them selves. I agree with what he said and think that too many people these days would rather throw a fit about a little thing rather then look at a bigger problem and it’s just the way people are setting double standards to help one group of people while the hinder another group from getting the help they need.Gd2

  2. Jc2 said

    1. People would rather dump ice over their head than to donate money to support the disease.
    2. It is like a wet t-shirt contest
    He would answer by saying that people are complaining that they are funding way to much for one disease and not any others.

    I think that the ice bucket challenge was a good idea by getting everyone’s attention about the disease but it didn’t always help the cause to stop it cause of all the people doing the challenge and not donating money.

  3. BM2 said

    One critic said not to because of the water shortage in the world, and another based on religious purposes said no because they conduct stem cell research, but the money is all going to a charity and a good cause, so why not fight certain cancer types or heart disease, I’m sure they also test on animals and maybe they do stem cell research too. Its all a bunch of balogne.

  4. MC2 said

    When someone complains about it raising to much money for one disease he argues that there is all kinds of fundraisers for other diseases, such as great cancer. Also, someone says it didn’t bring awareness but a video jumped from 8,000 views to 400,000+ after the ice bucket challenge started. I think the ice bucket challenge was a good idea. It brought awareness and also raised money. Not to mention some people had fun making there videos and also donating.

  5. Hd2 said

    The critics say that the competition didn’t raise enough to awerness for ALS, they also said that why just spread awerness for just one disease not all. Mitch said that it is just like the nfl football players wearing just pink and how that isn’t just helping breast cancer.

  6. Hh2 said

    I feel like if smebody wants to do something to raise money or awareness for a sickness, they should be encouraged to! Unbalanced giving shouldn’t be a concern they are right it is not fair to give all the money to ALS. I don’t feel that dumping ice water on yourself should make people that fustrated. People fundraise by doing runs fie the deaf and that is completely unrelated. ALS was a unheard of sickness and it was made better known thanks to social media involvement.

  7. Kd2 said

    Critics have said that it is raising money too much for one cause, and that there are other things that we should be putting our money into. I think the the cause is a good one if it is raising money to help those in need.

  8. ES2 said

    People said more money is spent on the ice for the challenge than actually toward als. People also said the challenge focuses too much on one cause. But people actually did donate a lot of money, and its just a fundraiser. To speak awareness of the disease, you can’t focus on it too much.

  9. ER2 said

    One of the issues was that it was a Global hazard for water shortage, another was that it wasn’t raising enough awareness. Mitch albom responded with the first one that it’s not even effecting the water shortage that’s just an excuse, then what about the Gatorade jug on the football field after a win. His second response was that Wikipedia got 430,000 responses when they usually average about 8,000 responses a day. That in my opinion is a lot of people (my response not his). I feel that social media its self is a double edged sword that it helps and turns away others. Social media is the fastest way to spread awareness and someone as Mitch albom said always something negative to say about something someone tries to help with.

  10. Ztodd said

    1) Too much money for a rare disease, and 2) the challenge has nothing to do with it. That those critics are just as self-righteous as the celebrities they criticize. I think it’s great that it raises money for research into the disease.

  11. DT2 said

    Two issues that the media had was that “there is absolutely no real information being put forth.” and “the bucket dumping made light of the world’s water shortage.” To fight back at these comments Albom talked about how the amount of people researching ALS has increased by a lot. He also said nobody protests about water shortage when there are NFL coaches getting water dumped on their heads after they win a game. I personally think that it’s a good thing that people do these ice bucket challenges or other profitable fundraising acts.

  12. Bm2 said

    They say it mocks the global water shortage. But do we say that about every sideline Gatorade bucket? Also they said not enough awareness raised for it. But wikipedia’s article on ALS recently saw 430,000 views in one day when usually they don’t get half the views in a week. I thought the ice bucket challenge was a good thing. I mean they didn’t make near the money they really needed but they did make a lot more money than if they didn’t do it. Also it was fun and a creative idea and also a lot of people donated money even if they did the ice bucket challenge.

  13. MO2 said

    One issue the critics had was they said it was raising to much money for one cause. Another issue was that people were wasting water. Albom says what is so bad about raising a lot of money for a illness that effects 30,000 people. Also he says we don’t complain about wasting water when a Gatorade bucket gets dumped on the winning teams coach. I thought the ice bucket challenge was a good way to get the word out about ALS. Also it was a good way to help raise money.

  14. Ms2 said

    Mike Rowe talked about how he thought there was to much awareness for one cause. Many also referred to it has a wet tshirt contest. Albom answers them with “wow” people are actually getting mad because others are raising money for a disease! My thoughts are my grandpa died from this disease my freshman year and I was very close to him, so to see him sitting in that chair and thinking his grandkids shouldn’t have to take care of him was sad. I would tear just seeing the pain he was in. ALS is a horrible disease to the point that we were thankful that God ended that suffering for him. My family does a walk for ALS, they did it for 2 years when he was here and I think they still do and no one said anything about that. I think that people will never be happy because some people don’t want to be happy they would rather just find everything they can that is wrong with the world. It will be hard for me to read this book but I am pretty excited.

  15. BB 2 said

    Not enough awareness raised? Wikipedia’s article on ALS recently saw 430,000 views on a single day. Its average before the ice bucket challenge was 8,000.
    The act doesn’t connect with the disease? Why do a 5K for cerebral palsy? Or a telethon for the deaf? Or a wine auction for anything? These are just fund-raising ideas, for heavens sake! The point is to raise money and awareness. And by any stretch, any measure, the ice bucket challenge has done that for ALS. My thought about the ALS ice bucket challenge were that I thought it was a good idea and it was a good idea to raise money.

  16. Morgan Cervantes said

    How water shortages are looked at as a joke, Some celebrities are saying the als ice bucket challenge is raising too much money for one disease and that it isn’t fair, others are saying not enough people have the disease to even care about it. The reply to those concerns was first of all that no one complains when the nfl singles out breast cancer and raises money for that diesease or decides to pour Gatorade on the players or coaches. Also he brought up the fact more people are diagnosed with als than aids but no one dares complain about the time and money spent on aid research. I think the ice bucket challenge is okay as long as people understand what its for and understand how deadly the diesease is, it’s not okay when they’re just doing it for likes on Instagram or Facebook.

  17. KH6 said

    People are complaining that there is more money going towards buying ice than there is going towards ALS researching. They’re also saying that they should be focused on our diseases. Mitch says he thinks every disease is relevant and they all need to be looked into but you shouldn’t say mean things about something that effects a lot of people and they have no control. I think that it’s a great way to raise awareness. Using social media is a great way to get people to listen.

  18. JB6 said

    Critics of the ALS ice bucket challenge had complained that the challenge was wastefully superficial and that the cause was undeserving because it does not affect as many people as big name diseases. Mitch Alborn addressed that the cause was actually getting more help than it ever had thanks to the challenge. They also answered the second issue with statistics that proved that ALS has killed more people than big name virus AIDS. Personally, I believe Alborn is right because the charity going viral has helped the fight to stop ALS immensely. If done right future challenges related to this one should go viral as well to help raise awareness on uncommon diseases.

  19. B.K6 said

    Some people thought it was given to much money for the one cause and complained about it but they didn’t protest something else. Another complaint was that it doesn’t connect with the disease. He resonded with that it doesn’t have to because the point is to raise awareness and money. I think it was a good idea because it was something “fun” but it also raised awareness.

  20. MW 2 said

    “Wet t-shirt contest” and “raising no awareness” it was a way to spread awareness and it worked really well. Wikipedia saw a huge jump on the als page which means it worked. I personally don’t care how people find raise. Do you.

  21. LM6 said

    Two issues that critics had with the article are that people are abusing the amount of water used, and that there was too much money going to one single organization. The way that the author responded to the critics was spot on. In the first critic he says and I quote “Do we say this about every sideline Gatorade bucket?” Which is very true no one criticizes pro athletes dumping water on one another. The second critique is one of that too much money is going to one organization, I think that this is ridiculous. And so does Mr. Albom he once again related it to professional sports, saying that there was on difference between this and the NFL going pink for breast cancer. I feel they are beneficial as they can cause the awareness of a terrible disease and help make it known.

  22. CCramer6 said

    The two biggest issues that critics had about the ALS ice bucket challenge were money and awareness. Mike Rowe said he wouldn’t participate because so much money is already going towards this one cause instead of other diseases. A women’s website, Jezebel, complained that there wasn’t enough information given out about ALS. Albom replied that NFL wear pink for breast cancer month and that’s for one cause. He also said that on Wikipedia there was 430,000 views in a single day over ALS. I think the ice bucket challenge was a great fundraiser and message. I didn’t know what ALS really was until the challenge. There is always going to be people who criticize or do the challenge for wrong reasons. But I think it was a great way to get the word out about ALS.

  23. BL said

    Two concerns about the ALS Ice bucket challenge sprouted from the media and these are,
    1.) Wasting of water, when people were frankly too lazy just to raise money for the disease.
    2.) The favoring of one disease funding over another.

    I believe that the event itself was an amazing milestone in raising awareness for a disease that not many people knew about. Don’t forget about the massive amount of funding that could save hundreds if not thousands of lives in the future. The previous amount of people that truly knew about ALS went from 8,000 to a sky rocketing 430,000 in a single day! That is amazing, and no matter what in life there will always be an individual who criticizes you. All one person can do about those that criticize is to prove them wrong and keep moving on. The ALS ice bucket challenge was a great fund raiser and I believe in all that it has accomplished.

  24. Dc2 said

    Mike Rowe said he wouldn’t do it because too much was being raised for one cause. I believe there is never enough money being raised for a great cause today. People are complaining about raising money for a charity just because ALS is getting more money?
    It mocks the global water shortage? There is always going to be water on Earth, it makes its rounds and always comes back down. There isn’t a shortage of water I don’t believe.

  25. Gabe said

    The cool thing was that people had raised over 100 million dollars. The down side is why can’t they do this for another disease or mabe some thing that kills in matter of day or hours or even years.

  26. Allison Baker 6 said

    Two of the issues presented by the critics of the ALS ice bucket challeng where that one this was just a glorified wet t-shirt contest, and two that this one disease was getting much more attention than any other. Album responded to this by stating that no matter the method, this challenge was still bringing awareness to the otherwise unknown disease. And he also went in to say that ALS was previously background noise mostly. And when the challenge started the disease finally got the opportunity and funding it needed to make progress. In my opinion anything that raises awarness and support for these life threatening or crippling diseases is a benefit.

  27. Caleb Osborne said

    1. Dumping this much water is a waste.
    He simply argues the fact that there are many other dumb things people do that “wastes” water that are not frowned apon. Albom says “Do we say that about every sideline Gatorade bucket?”
    2. Not enough awareness was raised by the challenge.
    In Alboms reaserch he proves this is false. Before the challenge ALS had about 8,000 views per day on Wikipedia. After the challange became a thing the average number of visits rose to 430,000. To me this seems like quite a lot of awareness. Personally I did the challange. I also donated 10 dollars to ALS research. I didn’t really know anything about the disease until the challange arose. The challange interested me and I began to research it thoroughly. I do believe the ice bucket challange helped raise awarness for ALS.

  28. Ty6 said

    1. It just focused on ALS and no other disease.

    2. We’re complaining about the water shortage in the world.

    I think the Ice bucket challenge was a good way to spread awareness of als, the challenge could be done at home and be done by all ages of people

  29. Jv2 said

    The two biggest issues that critics had about the ALS ice bucket challenge were money and awareness. Mike Rowe was saying the people were complaining that they are funding to much for one disease and not any of the others. I think the challenge did get everyone’s attention and was a good idea but not everyone was giving the $100 dollars for the challenge which was for the whole purpose of it.

  30. CK2 said

    The biggest thing probably was the fact that people were doing this as a trend and not actually seeing that if you dump water on yourself you are avoiding donating money. Also, when focusing this much on one disease the others actually miss out on the money being funded to research ALS.

  31. Db said

    People we’re just doing it for the fame and not donating to ALS research.

  32. CS2 said

    Some critics were saying that we need to stop the challenge because we have a water shortage in the US so we shouldn’t be wasting water. And others were saying that it was giving way to much money to just one decease and not others. I personally think it was a very good idea. Without it I would of had no clue what it even was.

  33. Sethhughes6 said

    My thoughts, in my mind you should not do the ALS ice bucket challenge for free donate something because every dollar counts and it’s going for a good cause. I did the ALS ice bucket challenge last year and donated fifteen dollars. I think it’s a great idea and it’s for a great cause.

    In Britain some have stated it is just a wet te-shirt contest, and say it’s a joke, why are they complaining about a charity to help raise money for a serious disease.

    Some complained about other charity’s loosing money, well other sports have there own charity’s and do there own things to raise money.

  34. KT2 said

    The first thing was is that people were choosing to dump water on there head rather than donate money so critics think people took the easy way out
    And then second was people were turning this into a wet t-shirt contest which this was to raise awareness not just show off
    Mitch said that the idea of it was good just to raise money and awareness of the horrific disease ALS

  35. Cy6 said

    Saying that ALS ice bucket challenge is just a waste of water is messed up it is raising tons of money for people with ALS. Like album said do we say that about all the water we waste after every sports event.

    People that didn’t donate because it is way to much money for just one issue is wrong there are multiple people with this disease and have no money or funding to figure out what wrong with them or to help find a way to cure it or to keep it from happening. Dying buy ALS would be a horrible way to die loosing control of all you muscles and that just choking to death cause you can’t breath nobody would want to go out that way

  36. MR6 said

    One of the issues that was said that there was too much money for a rare disease. Another issue that was said was dumping this much water is a waste. His reply was there there are so many other dumb things that people do that wastes water that are not frowned upon. Albom says “Do we say that about every sideline Gatorade bucket?”

  37. drue said

    its mocking the global water shortage
    its an obscure disease big diseases like cancer deserve more attention

    mitch says
    we dont complain when people dump gatorade at every nfl game
    he dares them to say a life threating disease is that makes you a vegtable is too small to a diseased persons family

    my opinion
    The ALS ice bucket challenge was fine it grabbed attention to a good cause. The people who don’t like it who cares people hate everything who gives a turd. you do your thing they do theirs the world still spins.

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