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Talk Back 7…Most Important HOMs for Your Life

Posted by murphydl on February 17, 2016

We’ve recently finished studying the 16 Habits of Mind. You’ve completed a closure activity in which you’ve identified which habits would be most significant to different groups of people. Which two habits of mind do you think will be most helpful to you in the future? Use their titles (not just numbers) and explain why you’ve chosen those two.

Responses due 11:59 p.m. today, Wednesday, February 17.


24 Responses to “Talk Back 7…Most Important HOMs for Your Life”

  1. Kd2 said

    the two that I had to go with were, Tninking Flexibly and either Persisting or Listening with Understanding and Empathy. You always have to be a good thinker, and you need to be persistent in what you do when you’re striving for your best. But at the same time listening can be the most important thing in the world, you wouldn’t know what you know now if you didn’t care to listen and we’re not persistent with listening. So I’m not sure my top 2 but I know it’s between the three of the choices above.

  2. JC2 said

    1. Persisting- I think persisting would be important in the future because you can’t reach any goals if you don’t stick to it.
    2. Thinking interdependently- I think when you work with someone on something it becomes easier knowing you have someone there and other ideas if needed for what you are working on.

  3. MC2 said

    Honestly I couldn’t narrow it down to one, they are all extremely important but I also know ik not good at them all. I need practice and I also believe it comes win maturity. The more I mature the more I will be able to handle these. But if I had to choose one it would be taking responsible risks. I take risks but not all are responsible. Kind of like dare devil risks, there cool but don’t always end good. Like trying to ride a wheely on the fourwheeler, yea if it works out that’s awsome, but if it doesn’t, your butt hurts.

  4. BM5 said

    Managing Impulsivity and Striving for Accuracy, I need to learn to not impulse buy things in college, as well as save money. And ,are sure I work hard and do my best, that way The work pays off in the long run.

  5. Ztodd said

    Finding humor, because I’ll need a lot of it in the future. Listening with understanding and empathy, because I want to be liked.

  6. GD2 said

    Presisting and striving for accuracy
    I sometimes like to give up so I need to work on being more willing to work and keep pushing to be the best I can. This also applies with being accurate with everything I do so that I set a goal I can reach and can beat so I can do better.

  7. Hd2 said

    Thinking flexibly and finding humor, I think both of these prolbly fit my puersonality the best and in the future these will help me the most.

  8. Muglerb said

    I would say Taking Respnsible Risks and Thinking Flexibly. Both of these you need in your life amuse things change like doctor appointments and you have to change your schedule to be there. Also you have to take risks like going to college and paying money on something you don’t even know if your gonna do that or be there the rest of your life. I always try to just go with the flow and be up for about anything. It helps me have less stress

  9. Ms2 said

    The two that I think will be the most important in my life is creating, imagining, and innovating. I chose this because I am going to be a cosmetologist and I have to be creative with hair. The second one I would chose is finding humor. I think laughing is very important and it’s one of my favorite things to do. Somethings you just have to laugh at yourself and move on.

  10. Db said

    Finding humor thinking flexibly. Taking responsible risks so I can keep moving forward. Applying past knowledge to new situation so you won’t make the same mistakes.

  11. ER2 said

    I chose Striving for accuracy as my first Habits of Mind because if you don’t strive to do your best then what will you ever achieve in your life? That’s why I chose this as my first choice because I always want to do my best in everything for not only me but for others also. My second Habits of Mind was Listening with understanding and empathy because I want to be a teacher and also a parent when I get older, if I can’t listen to others with empathy then my job will be very hard but it’s not just that it’s a very good people skill. The more I listen and help out people the more people that will want to be friendly to me. At the end of the day what’s more important if I died at the end of the day I’d want to be remembered as the kind sweet guy instead of the jerk who always was rude. I chose these both because these two habit of minds are something I need to work on.

  12. Hh2 said

    I would say as an agronomist my two habits of mind I would find most helpful in the future would have to be taking responsible risks because as a businessman you need to know when to take risks and when not to. My close second most useful habit of mind would be humor because I feel it would help me become a more enjoyable person and a better family figure.

  13. BB2 said

    I think that listening with understanding and Empathy is important for your future because when you get a new job will will need to listen with understanding and Empathy to your boss and all the other people that work in the same place as you do. Striving for Accuracy is important in your future because you are not going to think things are hard and when you start a new job you are going to think it is hard in the begining but to be successful you are going to need to strive for accuracy.m

  14. DT2 said

    The two habits of mind that will most likely help me in the future is persisting and striving for accuracy. Growing up I’ve been taugh to basically go big or go home. Have the mind set of never quitting and doing the best that I can. So I think if I keep using those two habits of mind I will be set in my future.

  15. dc2 said

    Two of the Habits of Minds that I think well help me in the future would be 6. striving for accuracy, I never want to fail in whatever I do. I strive in life to make the best out of it. If I keep working to what I want to become in life nothing can stop me. The second one I would like to bring up is 13. taking responsible risks. I believe taking risks in life are very major in life. You always want to try something new even though your friends don’t want you to do it. Taking risks will help me overcome things in life that i don’t want to.

  16. Caleb Osborne said

    Finding humor and remaining open to continuous learning. These two habits of mind really describe the way I deal with things. If I do something wrong I usually laugh and recognize that I have done it wrong. After I laugh at myself for messing up I will learn to do it right. I am no scared to ask someone how to do something if I am not 100 percent sure. The more that I can learn the better. If I can learn as much as possible when it comes time to start a career I will have that much more experience.

  17. Christina said

    Persisting and Remaining Open to Continuous Learning. I choose persisting because I’m thinking about attending Hays Academy of Hair Design in Salina so I’ll be staying at home and driving everyday. Also I won’t be able to do everything perfectly the first time. I choose open to continuous learning because again I’m going to have to learn different things and ways to do something in cosmetology school. I can’t just do what I want and what I know the whole time.

  18. LM6 said

    I think that habits number one persisting and number six striving for accuracy are the two most important to me. I know that when I start farming it will be difficult. I must stay persistant and continue to remain positive throughout the entire process. Number six striving for accuracy is going to be a big deal for me, as a farmer it is my job to feed the world. Our population is going to continue to expand and our resources are going to become more limited, therefore I have to use the land to its fullest potential. And be accurate with my calculations of how much product to use.

  19. JB6 said

    I believe that persisting and thinking flexibly would apply most to me. This is especially true to me because I am moving out of state for secondary education. I will need to keep persisting through struggles I face and think flexibly to know how to manage those struggles.

  20. ES2 said

    The two that I think will be most helpful to me are 7.) Questioning and problem posing, 8.) Applying pass knowledge to new situations. If I keep asking questions and applying past knowledge then I will continue to learn.

  21. Seth hughes said

    #1. Remain open to continuous learning, mainly because the career I would need to have an open mind. I would continuously need to be able to learn and take in new information so I could help my customers get the best prescription drugs to make them better. I would want to be the best pharmacist in Clay County.

    #2. Gathering data through all senses, I wild need to be very good at this. I would need to be able to sit down with my customer have them tell me there problems, then be able to prescribe them with the correct medication. I would need to know everything there allergic to and all the problems they have. I also would need to gather all of there medical background so I wouldn’t make a mistake on their prescription.

  22. Ty6 said

    Taking responsible risks and striving for accuracy will help me in the future. I think striving for accuracy will help me a lot in college, because right now I’m just kind of like I’ll do just enough to get by and that needs to change in the future. Taking responsible risks will
    Help me cause I’ve never really liked putting my self in a position to fail I don’t take that many risks, and if I do they’re not responsible.

  23. Jv2 said

    Listening with understanding and empathy is one because not only do I have to listen to myself but I need to listen to others and understand others to get there point of view of things. Thinking interdependently also because you need to work with your others and not just yourself. Team work is key with everyone working together.

  24. CY6 said

    I think the two habits that will help me the most in my future is striving for accuracy and thinking independently because striving for accuracy ur always trying to do the very best you can be and thinking independently I don’t have to worry about what other people say and when I move out I will be making a lot more decisions on my own.

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