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Talk Back 6…Future Plans

Posted by murphydl on January 12, 2016

Ok, I know you’re probably tired of being asked about this, but what are your after-graduation plans? If you’re not sure yet, explain a couple of options you’d like to pursue. How can we best use time in class once a week to help you pursue them? Responses due Tuesday, January, 12, at 11:59 p.m.


37 Responses to “Talk Back 6…Future Plans”

  1. Ztodd said

    Go to Cloud County to major in English.

  2. GD2 said

    I think is will go to cloud for there wind energy program. This is a short programs but is very well set due to the new laws everyone is passing. This is something I also think I could do good at.

  3. KT1 said

    I plan to go to Wichita State university for a RN BSN degree, my first 2 years will be prerequisites and then 2 years in nursing school then onto KU for my masters in Nursing.

  4. Sk2 said

    I plan on attending Independence Community College either this summer or this fall for their veterinary technology program. I love working with animals and believed it would be a wise career choice. After that I plan to get a small apartment in Manhattan or Clay Center and get a job at a veterinary clinic as a veterinary technician. Then I plan to work every single day until I die.

  5. Kd2 said

    My plan is to join the military or to get a job with homeland security. If I peruse the military I will go right in and let them pay for college, I’m not sure how long I’d be in depends on other this going on in my life. If I do homeland security I will go to college and then have a small nice job for until I can get hired into a bigger job.

  6. CS2 said

    I’m gonna be going to cloud for two years and k state for two. I will be getting a degree in Mass Communication. Which would be TV and Radio. I think it would be great to learn about how to deal with college. And how to manage you’re time in college and how to manage not to blow all the money you get and roommates and stuff.

  7. ER2 said

    Get ready to work so I have money for college, I plan on going to Friends university to play basketball. All summer I will be working at my job and on basketball. I also plan to be in the band at Friends university. Going to college I don’t have all the details right now but I know I’ll be ready it’s a sink or swim moment.

  8. JC2 said

    I am going to NCK tech in Beloit for information technology. Then after 2 years I might have a job offer at Hutchison Mayrath.

  9. MC2 said

    I’m going to hit the ground running, go right into a technical college for 1 year in Washburn tech. The going down to Wichita for 1 year CNC class, once I have all that done I should be able to get a job easily, and the pay should be above 20 dollars a hour with benefits and increase as I continue working in the machining field.

  10. Ms2 said

    After college I am going to Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita, KS. I am going into cosmetology. The best thing that would help me is writing a script for a scholarship for my school called beauty changes life. I have to do a video of how beauty changes lives in my opinion And English class would be the best place for me to write that script.

  11. BM5 said

    I’m going to Highland Community College for Athletic Training and Excerise Science. I’ve recieved a Scholarship for Athletic Training that pays for books and Tuition

  12. CK2 said

    I’m still not sure what I want I want to study in college. But I am sure that I want to go to college. I think I’m going to go to a JUCO and work on my general education classes. This way I have more time to figure out what I want to do.

  13. Gabe said

    Honestly I could really use extra time to do some homework or get prepared for another class.

  14. KJL said

    I don’t really know what I want to do. I was thinking about child care, teacher, or massage therapy.

  15. Mohr2 said

    My plans are to either move to Arizona or stay in Kansas

  16. Dc2 said

    My plans for after graduation, are to go Salina tech and get a degree in Diesel technology. I have always loved taking things apart ever since I was a little kid. In this class once a week I think we could look up housing and also for paying for school.

  17. BB2 said

    My plans after high school are to go to Salina Area Technical College for Dental Assistant. I think that it would be worth our class time if once a week we went over how to manage money out in the real world when we will be living on our own.

  18. MW 2 said

    I plan on going to Florida with a white kid and live my life on a beach. To help this happen we could just automatically pass this class so it’s one less one to worry about, maybe?

  19. BL said

    My plans currently are going to NCKTC for Nursing/LPN school. The school only happens to be one year, so I will then go to CCCC for my next and final year of Nursing/RN school. What will help me pursue this dream during class is being able to work on scholarships. Doing this will help me pay for my medical school, as we’ll expenses such as tests, gas, car payments, housing, and clinicals. Also doing research on what I would like to specialize in such as OR, once I have completed these tasks it will allow me to further pursue this dream.

  20. Jimmy hasty said

    I’m not decided I’m either joining the military or going to Colorado with my parents and going to culinary school. We could use a day a week to just look up some things about the college or whatever other plans we have.

  21. Caleb Osborne said

    I’m going to work until I decide what I want to do. Because to be honest I have no clue. One thing that would help prepare me for the real world is teaching me how to file taxes or get a loan or how to deal with a bank.

  22. KH6 said

    I want to be a dental hygienist. During class once a week we could look up different things about the career we want to purse. We could also look up colleges and learn more about the classes we need to take.

  23. LM6 said

    After graduation my plans are to work throughout the month of May and June. I will then be attending Southeast Community College in Beatrice Nebraska. I will be majoring in agriculture business and management with my focus area bing diversified. In class I think the most help would be doing scholarships and talking to my advisor.

  24. JJ6 said

    My after-graduation plans are to go to Cloud and get my gen eds done and go through the pre-occupational therapy and then transfer to Emporia State or KU med and finish out my schooling there. Now, occupational therapist have to have a doctorates degree.

  25. B.K6 said

    I am going to the Marine Corps and I leave to boot camp which is 3 months on June 20th. After that I will be back on a 10 day leave and then I’ll go to camp Pendleton for the combat simulation for a month. Then after that would be my MOS schooling for logistics.

  26. JB6 said

    After graduation I plan on going to Orlando to pursue a career in the music industry as an audio engineer. During class it would be helpful to fill out as many grants and scholarships as possible because the college tuition and cost of living in Florida is rather expensive.

  27. MR2 said

    After graduation I plan to go to Goodland Kansas with my mom and get my cosmetology schooling out of the way. Then in the fall of next year I plan to attend KCKCC and get my associates in mortuary science and funeral services.

  28. Allison Baker 6 said

    My after graduation plan currently are going to consist of one of these two options. Option one, I will Persue my previous plans of obtaining a degree in Buisnes management and open my own small buisness. Or option number two which has recently been presented to me via scholarship opportunity through the law department at K-State. I would Persue a degree in law as a general defense attorney doing my pre-law degree at K-State and moving on to a secondary law school. To prepare me for my plans I need help finding housing in Manhattan also I really need to weigh my options.

  29. Sethhughes6 said

    After graduation I plan on moving to Overland Park in with my sister, and working on her boyfriends family farm. After the summer is over I will then move to Concordia to the dorms of Cloud County and go to school there. After being at Cloud for two years I would then like to transfer to KU and work on getting a doctorate in pharmaceuticals.

  30. christinacramer6 said

    My plan is to attend Bellus Academy in Manhattan, Kansas for cosmetology. I want to specialize in nail technician and skin care. I suggest working on budgets for college during class.

  31. Ty6 said

    My plans for college is going to a junior college (preferably highland) and playing football I don’t know what I want to major in anymore.

  32. Jv2 said

    My plans it to attend Cloud County Community College. I want to be a Early Childhood Education. I would suggest working on many things that I can to help me through college

  33. Db said

    I do not know what I want to do maybe go to college.

  34. ES2 said

    I plan on going to Hutchison Community College for two years, probably majoring in zoology or biology. I can use class time to research it more and apply for scholarships.

  35. drue fief said

    unsure i guess go to cloud for a few years then transfer to kstate if its possible and do stuff for radio or maybe do the same thing for computer science

  36. DT2 said

    After graduation I am planning on going to NCK Tech in Beloit for automotive technology. In class I can work on filling out scholarships and look for jobs in the Beloit area and also work on finishing the FASFA

  37. cyork said

    after highschool i plan on going to NCK tech for their building construction technology class and than after start looking for a place to start like framing or roofing jobs.

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