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Talk Back 5…Top Hero(es)

Posted by murphydl on December 3, 2015

We just finished reading about our final hero of the semester, Sir Gawain. Rank the four heroes we’ve studied this semester and explain your first and second choices. You possibilities include

Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger from the movie Rudy; Geraldine Brooks, who authored Nine Parts of Desire; Beowulf, title character of the epic poem Beowulf; and Sir Gawain of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”.

Responses are due by 11:59 p.m. today, Friday, December 4, 2015.


32 Responses to “Talk Back 5…Top Hero(es)”

  1. Ztodd said

    1. Beowulf. 2. Sir Gawain. 3. Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger. 4. Geraldine Brooks.
    Beowulf and Sir Gawain.

  2. MC2 said

    Beowulf is my second choice. Rudy would be my number one. Reason being, Beowulf is a winner, the “big hitter” you could say. The way I look at things, it’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep pushing forward. I feel like Rudy takes some butt whooping but continues to keep pushing forward.

  3. BM5 said

    Beowulf because he is pretty much the definition of what a hero is.
    Rudy because he has so much courage and never gives up. Strong willed.
    Geraldine Brookes because she went through so much trouble to write the book

    Sir Gawain last because his story didn’t really stand out to me like the others. Yeah he was a knight and did a courageous thing but he wasn’t that impressive

  4. Hd2 said

    The top two I choose are Bayowolf and Rudy. Choose Bayowolf he is the major character I chose.

  5. ES2 said

    I’d probably rank them Beowulf, Rudy,Sir Gawain, and then Geraldine Brooks. I just think Beowulf got stuff done, he was a pretty good hero always just taken car of business. You know? Rudy was a decent hero too, he just kept trying.

  6. CS2 said

    1st Beowulf 2nd Rudy 3rd Sir Gawain and the green knight 4th nine parts of desire. I liked the 1st and 2nd because they were the easiest to understand.

  7. CK2 said

    1) Sir Gawain
    3) Geraldine
    4) Rudy

  8. MR2 said

    1. Beowulf-because he was brave and he was honorable even knowing he was better than a lot of the other guys he fought with.
    2. Sir Gawain-because he went into every battle knowing he could die with every one and he also is very humble and stays to his honest word.
    3. Geraldine Brooks
    4. Rudy

  9. Ms2 said

    My top to characters are Rudy and Beowulf. I chose these two because I understood them two the most and I liked the Rudy movie.

  10. Hh2 said

    Beowulf was the most heroic character in the book because of his bravery and he went out of his way to save people. Daniel “Rudy” is the next most heroic because he overcame all of his hardships in order to chase his dreams and play in a team of his dreams. Then Sir Garwin because he was a true role model and did the right thing most of them time. Last is Mrs. Brooks.

  11. Jc2 said

    1. Beowulf- I feel Beowulf is the top hero because he is what we normally see in movies and so on.
    2. Rudy- Rudy strived for his goal to go into Notre Dame
    3. Sir Gawain and the green knight
    4. nine parts of desire

  12. Muglerb said

    I would say that Rudy is my first choice. He is a heroic charecter and never gives up. He always goes for his dreams and he finally succeeded.

  13. KD2 said

    1) Beowulf 2) Rudy 3) Sir Gawain 4) Nine Parts of Desire
    I picked Beowulf because he lived his life to be a hero and his battles were heroic. Rudy was another pick because he doesn’t quit and he pushed and never gave up and he met his goal and showed everyone he could do it.

  14. Noah Byrne said

    My two choices are
    1- Beowulf

    2- Rudy

  15. Dc2 said

    Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger from the movie Rudy;
    Beowulf, title character of the epic poem Beowulf
    Geraldine Brooks, who authored Nine Parts of Desire;
    Sir Gawain of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”

    I believe the ones that are my top two are Rudy and Beowulf.
    I just like how Rudy never backed down from anything that he did always listened to the coachs no matter what. For Beowulf I liked how strong he was and how much he wanted to show his home country how brave he was.

  16. GD2 said

    I thought all were good heros and are worthy of being number one but I think Beowulf is first followed by Rudy then sir Gawain and finally mrs.brooks. I think that the ones who believed in them selves more instead of trying to show what others were doing are more fit. To be great first you must defeat your self.

  17. BB2 said

    My first hero is Daniel “Rudy” because Rudy never gave up on his dream of playing football for Notre Dame. Rudy is very passionate. My second hero is. My second hero is Sir Gawain because Sir Gawain travels to meet the Green Knight’s challenge knowing that he faces certain death.

  18. Morgan Cervantes said

    My first choice is Rudy, simply because that was the most interestng story I think there was. It was easy to follow and didn’t bore me. My second would be Geraldine Brooke’s because that story was also interesting, I liked the non-fiction type stories better.

  19. Caleb Osborne said

    Sir Gawain, Rudy, Beowulf, and Geraldine Brooks. Sir Gawain is my number one pick because even though he faces certain death he still keeps his word. Rudy is my second choice because he keeps trying no matter what. He never gives up even when he is down and out.

  20. christinacramer6 said

    1. Beowulf: through out the book, he had to face a lot of difficulties but he remained calm and brave.
    2. Sir Gawain: he kept his promise to The Green Knight and was truthful in the end.
    3. Rudy
    4. Geraldine Brooks

  21. LM6 said

    I think as of right now my two characters are Rudy And Beowulf. I think that Rudy was a true hero because he was persistant and never gave up. It paid off big in the end because he was allowed to play in the Notre Dame game. My other hero is Beowulf he to was persistant. He never let Grendel get away with doing bad things to the people of Geatland. He ended up killing the monster and his mother and protecting his people.

  22. Gabe said

    Sir Gawain
    Because he is a green knight who show other knights how to be loyal to there knighly ness
    Rudy never gave up he kept goin until he padded up and play football for noterdam
    Gerldine brooks

  23. DT6 said

    My first choice would be Beowulf because he showed a lot of courage to go out of his home land and go kill a troll for another land. My second choice would be sir Gawain because he stayed true to the Knights code until the green belt was brought upon him but then he confessed that he broke the knights code and made things right.

  24. B.K6 said

    1-Beowulf, 2- Sir Gawain, 3- Geraldine Brooks, 4- Rudy
    The reason for my top pick is that he is a complete hero of his time. He was a warrior, wise, kind, made sacrifices and was a team player. For my second option he was a hero through his strong morals and promises to the Green Knight.

  25. KH6 said

    1. Beowulf 2. Rudy 3. Grealdine Brooks 4. Sir Gawain.
    Beowulf is my first pick because he really cares about the people in his town and will do anything to help his people in the town. Rudy is my second choice because he is really inspirational and doesn’t give up on his dreams even when he comes close to quitting.

  26. BL said

    Firstly I believe that my first and second choices are Sir Gawain, and Beowulf. The reasons why I have chosen these two heroes as my first and second choices are quite simple. They both in themselves show qualities that appeal to my daily lifestyle, as well have been role models in a sense. Not only helping me during the day, but as well making correct choices, if some may be too bold however or even too audacious I shall let the challenge unfold later. Then I place Rudy, and Geraldine Brooks third and fourth. Overall I believe them to be important examples, as well heroes. However I more or less believe that Sir Gawain and Beowulf will stay as my top choices.

  27. christinacramer6 said

    1. Beowulf : throughout the poem he was courageous and during his last battle he kept fighting even though he knew it was over.
    2. Sir Gawain : he kept his promise to the Green Knight and was truthful at the end about the green belt.
    3. Rudy
    4. Geraldine Brooks

  28. KL2hour said

    1-Beowulf because he never gave up he always had a good attitude.
    2- sir Gawain because he was strong and honest.
    3- Rudy
    4- Geraldine Brooks

  29. Sethhughes6 said

    For my number one here it would defiantly be Rudy, he constantly keeps going and strives for greatness he doesn’t fear defeat. Rudy is very committed to what he is doing amd doing it to the best of his ability. My second hero would be Geraldine Brooks, she is willing to go beyond what others would do, and isn’t afraid. She faces masny challenges and problems along the way but keeps doing her work professionally and has fun while she’s doing it.

  30. Jimmy hasty said

    1. Geraldine brooks- she is a real life hero who opened a lot of eyes
    2. Beowulf – he had all of the best characteristics of a hero
    3. Rudy- he never gave up on his dreams
    4.!sir Gawain- he gave his life for his king

  31. Ty1 said

    My top two choices would be first off Beowulf and then Rudy. Beowulf has all the characteristics of a hero and is driven by honor. Second would be Rudy because no matter what happens to him he keeps going. Everyone always doubted him in everything he did.

  32. Jv2 said

    My top choices were Rudy being first then Sir Gawain second. I choose Rudy because most people strive for the best they can be. Somethings we even get down on our selves which that doesn’t help much we just need to keep pushing ourselves. Sir Gawain just keeps his promises to the green knight. Keeping promises is a big deal and if you break it it’s hard to go back to how things were.

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