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Daily Scribble 36-Free Write Friday

Posted by murphydl on October 30, 2015


One Response to “Daily Scribble 36-Free Write Friday”

  1. Hayden Heigele said

    Well I have been on this trip to national FFA convention and I don’t like missing school because I miss class work. I hope you’re okay with me being a day late we didn’t have internet all week. Here’s some notes over my trip.

    Brad – kid president
    Choose joy over all
    Awesome over boring

    Retiring address from All the officers but my favorite was the VP he told us to be happy and Shine greatness and we had this whole stadium full of lights and he showed us how we were all going to go great things.
    Rick rigbey said it best -FFA has what world wants. Poor guy lost his wife to breast cancer
    Louisville slugger
    40,000 trees a season for professional bats
    Maple is worth more – 80$

    The Amish wagon factory was so cool to see how the way they used to do things and still do! The dietails in their hand work was incredible!

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