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Talk Back 3…Last Thoughts about Nine Parts of Desire

Posted by murphydl on October 27, 2015

We have just finished Nine Parts of Desire by Geraldine Brooks. Describe the most important things you learned from reading this book.

Responses due Wednesday, October 28, 2015, at 11:59 p.m.


38 Responses to “Talk Back 3…Last Thoughts about Nine Parts of Desire”

  1. Db2 said

    That it show us how it really like over their for the people that live or visit instead of telling all the bad thing about it like our news.

  2. Ms2 said

    The most importsnt things I learned from this book was that things are different every where you go, people are different. I knew things would be different but I didn’t know how much different. It just seems like things contradict themselves there, like they just make up rules as they go.

  3. Hayden Heigele said

    I enjoyed the book I have very little experience about other cultures and this was a good opportunity to expand my knowledge! I found the genitail multituons especially disturbing. I now know why they do that and why they dress the way they do. I still do not know why they think they need to bomb US.

  4. B.K6 said

    Things that I learned from this book are that there is always another perspective in society.

  5. BL said

    The most imperative lesson that I truly have learned from this book is that, we as Americans must be truly thankful for what we have. Not only that, but the form of government in that it allows us to be equal.

  6. christinacramer6 said

    The most important thing I learned was the culture of the Middle East. It will definitely help me after I graduate from high school. Cause I will run into people from other cultures and now I know some background that could help me later on.

  7. Ztodd said

    I learned about the lives of Islamic women and the history of Islam.

  8. MC2 said

    I learned that there is a lot more to people culture and not everything you hear is true. Honestly was excited about the book at all because Muslims and people from that culture have always kind of scared me, but I think I’m over that not could could start to learn a little bit about them. Now when I see them it won’t just the rumors that I remember.

  9. Sk2 said

    I think the most important parts of the book are the cultural/religious parts of the Middle East. She describes the reasoning behind the hijab, the black turbans, belly dancing and having multiple wives. It also gives us insight into how repressed and underprivileged the women of Islam are.

  10. Ty1 said

    I learned a whole lot more about the culture and the religion. I understand some of there decision making somewhat now.

  11. Hd2 said

    I learned about how the women are treated in other countries. I also learned that there beliefs are a lot different than the ways of the United States.

  12. Jc2 said

    The most important thing I learned was what groups of the culture support what. Ex. Shiites, Sunni.

  13. Kd2 said

    I have learned the meaning behind the outfits they wear, and I think that is really important because I have always wondered why they wear that. Another thing that was cool to learn about was the book they live by “Koran” and this one was cool because I got to learn the meaning behind they way they live.

  14. MR2 said

    Some of the most important things I’ve learned from this book are standing up for what you believe in, even if it’s being tested and looked down on constantly. Also, that there are a lot of issues going on in other places around the world that we have no idea about. Maybe getting involved with them and hearing their stories isn’t such a bad idea, instead of just judging them as wrong or stereotyping.

  15. CK2 said

    I learned just how opressed Islamic women are. In some areas they’re denied education, work, and just equal rights all around. Some women are even forbidden to leave their houses. It’s all very extreme in general.

  16. CS2 said

    I learned how they treat women… It might have gotten better from when this book was written but they treated them so poorly and low. I just never really knew that about the Islamic culture.

  17. BM5 said

    I think i learned that everyone has something worth fighting for. Whether it’s something big or something small. Especially in this book particularly the women, they have so much to fight for and are oppressed and treated unfairly. I also learned a lot about the culture in the Middle East and a lot about their view points.

  18. Kt2 said

    I think one of the most important thi gs that I have learned was culturally we are completely different. I didn’t think that another place could be that low and that poor to women. And things that I also learned was a lot about Muhammad and the many wives he pursued. It wasn’t uncommon for them to have 2 or 3 wives at a time.

  19. ES2 said

    I learned that not all woman are against some of the things they have to do.

  20. MW 2 said

    For the most part I hated the book and felt it was somewhat a complete waste of time. However, I understand it was meant to teach how to properly react to someone’s culture who is different from your own. It also taught how stereotypes can either make or break entire cultures.

  21. Bm2 said

    I think that one of the most important things is that other countries. Need to help each other out. Also another thing is that women should have the same rights as men. Also that we need to learn from 911 and not just get mad and go to war. That we need to talk it out first to try to come up with a resolution.

  22. Cy 2 said

    Nine parts of desire is an ok book has great knowledge about Islamic culture but it is very very vivid book.

  23. JB2 said

    I’ve learned a lot about the Middle Eastern culture because of this book. Such as the subjects of honor killings, belly dancing, clitoridectomies, & numerous oppressions Middle Eastern women face.

  24. The most important things I’ve learned from this book was how the Islamic religion works. The reasonings for why they wear the chadors and the coverings. Also why women don’t have any rights. I also learn rned about belly dancing and honor killings.

  25. Jv1 said

    That back in the day was a lot different from today but I already knew that. They can get married between 7-9 which I think is strange but everyone does things different. When my grandparents could get married it was like 16 and up. The women wore chadors to represent what they were and today we can wear pretty much whatever.

  26. Caleb Osborne said

    I never knew what the reason for some of the extreme actions that Muslims do. Now I know that only extreme Muslims take part in terrorism.

  27. Morgan Cervantes said

    I learned to be more understanding about people’s cultures,looks, language, etc. as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover.

  28. Jimmy hasty said

    That people on the Middle East take their religion very seriously. I always knew that religion was big deal to them but I had no idea the extent it went too

  29. Drue said

    I learned not all Muslims are terrorists and belly dancing is actually pretty fun

  30. KH6 said

    The most important thing I learned was that there are two different groups. Sheites are radical and have beliefs to do terrioists activities.

  31. Ab6th hour said

    I think the most important thing I learned from reading 9 parts of desire was that we are blessed. Women in america were and are free to protest and change things we don’t like. In other countries the women can be put to death for this. I think we take freedom for granted.

  32. Sethhughes6 said

    The most important thing I learned from this book would be not to judge, get to know the person or people, get to know their culture and background before you just start making accusations. I think we should give more people a chance and hope instead of judging them from their looks, beliefs, or the way they dress.

  33. Gabe said

    Well I learned that people from other cultures look “(such as the Islamic faith)”at women different and how they are treated and there way on how to marry and proceed with life.

  34. Mohr2 said

    I have learned that not all Muslim women are able to go to school. Also some of the women can’t go any where with out there husbands or the male of the house say so.

  35. Dc2 said

    The most important things that I learned from this book is how the United States is very different than other countries. Also I didn’t know in chapter 2 that any of that existed. It made me understand how other people and counties are different in there believes also.

  36. BB2 said

    We just finished the Nine Parts of Desire. I learned more about the Middle East women. I learned more about the Islamic religion.

    BB 2

  37. ER2 said

    I learned that women in any Muslim run country do not have equal rights. Islam is almost like a venue fly trap to me for women they can buy it and understand it and then actually join it and bam they have less rights then before. If I went to any Muslim country I’d be okay for a while I’d be better off if I joined the Islam religion. The reason I say that is I’d be way better off because I’m a male and I’d get a lot of benefits from joining the Islam religion, but in the end it’s wrong I’m not saying everyone in the religion is terrible or anything but from what I’ve heard that happens to some of those women I would not join it and I think it’s a threat to any country that isn’t Islam for extremists that’s a target.

  38. KL2hour said

    I learned not believe everything you hear about a place take a minute and do some digging about not everything is as bad as you here and read.

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