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Talk Back 2…Thoughts on Marriage

Posted by murphydl on October 1, 2015

Chapter 3 of Nine Parts of Desire will have marriage as its theme. Before we read about the various views and beliefs about marriage in the book, what are YOUR beliefs and opinions about marriage? You might consider whether you imagine marriage to be part of your future, its relationship to love,  its overall importance as a tradition, etc. Responses due Thursday, October 1, at 11:59 p.m.


40 Responses to “Talk Back 2…Thoughts on Marriage”

  1. Ztodd said

    I don’t have any strong feelings towards marriage. I think I’ll marry in the future.

  2. JB1 said

    Marriage is a bond that is created between two people who want to have the deepest connection (relationship-wise) as possible. Marriage may be in my future eventually. However, I’m not planning on it as of now.

  3. KT2 said

    I believe marriage should be 1 man and 1 women not multiples of either! I plan to get married and I can guarantee that it will be just that way also. I think that traditions are important but my morals are different then what the books are.

  4. Kd2 said

    I think that marriage is where two people care and love each other, and they want to be together after deciding to take the decision that they are the one and only. Nothing should determine whether you can marry someone or not, if you love them and they love you and the two of you want to be together then you should be able to.

  5. NB2 said

    My thoughts on marriage is that, it isn’t a joke, you only get married to one another if you know you love them and want to be with them for the rest of your lives, I don’t believe in getting just temporarily married.

  6. GD2 said

    I think a marriage is between a man and a women. That they are willing to wait for each other. It also that they are willing to get along and willing to live together forever.

  7. Hd2 said

    Well I think that that marriage is between the two people so what ever they think is what they should do. It’s not really other people business.

  8. BM5 said

    I think that Marriage will be apart of my future and I hope that I find the one girl I want to marry. Divorce isn’t an option we are gonna sit down and work whatever the problem is and there has to be good communications. Should be a healthy relationship.

  9. Sk2 said

    I think that people should only get married if they actually love each other and not just because they love the contents of the others pockets. I think that tradition is important it it is not the most important thing. The couple getting married should discuss which traditions they should keep and let go. I definitely think that marriage is part of my future.

  10. Ms2 said

    I think people should get married when they are ready and truely believe its with the right person. I believe in waiting for marriage to many things. I would say I have a “normal” out look in marriage.

  11. ER2 said

    I believe in marriage for love. Marriage is for a man and a woman to connect and become more then friends but to be partners for life (in my opinion). As a Christian I believe that if you get married and just cause you have a few fights does not mean you should get a divorce. My future will hopefully have me getting married in it but if I can’t find that one person I want to spend my life with then I will choose to go without it.

  12. CK2 said

    Marriage is something that all people should try to have happen. I plan to get married eventually I guess.

  13. Morgan Chestnut said

    I think marriage should be a good think but I don’t believe in removing the clitoris. When It gets to the point of where you are having intercourse the. It should be pleasing for both companions. And I belive married couples should have kids and the man should not have to raise them on there own.

  14. I think marriage is a part of life. In my opinion I could not imagine growing old without someone with me in my life. That would be just so horrible. So I think marriage needs to be you found the one women in you’re life you truly actually love and then get married to her and no matter what happens you are staying together forever.

  15. Db8 said

    My thoughts on marriage is I feel that people all over the world do it for different weird reasons.

  16. JC2 said

    I believe that marriage should be more about living with that person and knowing more about them and not about sex.

  17. JJ2 said

    Marriage, in my opinion, should have to deal with being in love. You shouldn’t get married just out of obligation. It’s a commitment that is supposed to last a life time not just a little time.

  18. MR2 said

    I think if you want to get married you should do it. Miarrage on the other hand isn’t for everyone. I don’t think that it should be required or anything. I think that it shouldn’t be part of religion. You shouldn’t have to be married in order to be part of a certain faith. I don’t agree with more than one mirrage either, I think if you’re going to be married you should have only one spouse and you should stay faithful to that one.

  19. Marc W 3 said

    In my opinion, the idea of marriage is, for like lack of a better word, stupid. It cost lots of money and even more, when it doesn’t work out and divorce is needed. Monagomy is simply a thing of the past. No one wants to have just one person anymore, it’s better to have a variety of people in the mind of today’s world. Why would anyone commit to someone who once they get bored, leaves? It’s simply not worth it.

  20. Chris york said

    I think in order to be married you need know that the person your with really love you and you love that person. First Marriage is very expensive but I don’t belive that it has to be a one time thing.

  21. Mohr2 said

    I believe that marriage is a way of showing you want to spend the rest of your life with the person you love. I also think that marriage is a way to show people who is your love. When you marrie someone it should be for good reason and not just for money, sex ect,.

  22. KL2hour said

    I don’t believe that marriage is something that is for everyone. I feel as if now a days people only get married for money or the benefits of it, not for the real reason for getting married.

  23. BB3 said

    I believe that people should be able to marry people from different religions. I believe that people should be able to marry others that are either younger and older that they are. I believe that if you are getting ready to marry someone and then you decide not to marry the person I believe that you should have the right to call of the wedding.

  24. Jimmy hasty said

    I feel like marriage should be taken very seriously. It is meant to be a bond with someone you will spend the rest of your life with. I feel like it is taken too lightly now though.

  25. RB said

    I think that marriage is a wonderful thing. It is a bond between to people who love eachother. Marriage in my eyes isn’t about religion or what other people want you to do. It should be a decision that is mutual between you no your partner. I personally see marriage in my future and I am looking forward to it.

  26. Caleb Osborne said

    I believe we should get married young. Everyone thinks I’m crazy because I think this. Next time you are around your grandparents ask them how old they were when they got married. Mine were 16 and here they are now in their 80s and they are still together.m

  27. Sethhughes6 said

    I think marriage should be between man and woman only. Marriage is important because it brings to together to have a life, they then can choose to have a family and help build the Nation. In my personal opinion you should just marry to marry, it’s a lifetime commitment of love, so make sure you love you’re spouse before taking that big step in you’re life.

  28. Gabe said

    I think you should marry if one is ready to be with that person for the rest of there life

  29. Morgan Cervantes said

    I think marriage shouldn’t ever be considered a temporary thing. I think it’s a very important tradition to many religions and cultures. I also think marraige should only be between two people, not anymore than two.

  30. DT6 said

    Marriage to me means that you are giving your life to someone you truly love and want to spend your time with, to be loyal to your spouse and to never tell a lie. That is my opinion.

  31. BL said

    I believe that marriage itself is a very special ordeal. It is uniting a singular male with one woman, allowing them to procreate thus begin a family. Also I strongly believe that marriage is between two people that truly love each other, as well are really good friends that can tolerate one another and live their lives happily together and be able to have a family. Finally I also strongly believe that if love is true within a relationship it cannot be separated by divorce, turmoil, or other catastrophic event that would otherwise tear other couples apart.

  32. B.K6 said

    My opinion on marriage is that it’s about being with one that you won’t get tired of or bored from being around them and having the characteristics you want in a person. Being married in the future is up to me it doesn’t really matter to me now but maybe in the future it will.

  33. LM6 said

    I view marriage as a responsibility. You shouldn’t be hiding stuff from your partner, big or small. To me cheating is the worst possible thing that can happen in a relationship. I know that it can ruin a relationship in the fastest way possible. My opinion on marriage is that both people should come to the consensus that that is what they want in their life. As well as agree about on anothers goals in the relationship and how soon they to have kids or if they want any at all. Traditionally I think that in the U.S. it is normal for most to get married although it sometimes doesn’t happen.

  34. christinacramer6 said

    I think everyone should have the choice to marry whoever they want. They should be able to have a say in how they want the marriage to look like. Personally, I probably won’t get married until around 23-25 years old because I wanna get a good start in college before I add a huge commitment. I think to make a marriage work it needs good communication and of course commitment. You have to be able to say that you wanna spend the rest of your life with another person and do whatever you can to make it work.

  35. Drue said

    Marriage should be between a man and a woman sharing a bank account is alright to do if you choose .

  36. Ty1 said

    I think if you’re going to get married you need to stick with it. If you “loved” the person enough to marry them, you need to stay with that marriage. I think there are too many people these days divorcing over stuff that can and should be fixed. There are also to many people cheating on they’re husbands and wives. Why would you marry that person to be with another man/woman? What I was taught is if you’re divorcing your partner for a invalid or just a stupid reason you’re breaking a truce with God and you’re partner. But my main beliefs on the matter are if you actually love the person you are marrying and would do anything for them I say get married, but if you’re going to half butt a marriage and not put effort in and not try I say don’t get married at all because you’re wasting people’s time and if you have kids you change their lives a whole lot.

  37. Dc2 said

    I believe that you should marry someone only if you love them truly and remain faithful throughout the marriage. I see myself getting married in the future.

  38. Jv2 said

    When you marry someone and you really love them you should stick with them. It shouldn’t just be for temporarily. Some day I could see myself getting married but I would not like to divorce and repeatedly .

  39. KH6 said

    I think you should be able to choose who you want to marry. Also, I think that you should marry for love not for other options.

  40. Hh2 said

    Marriage is for love. If a MAN & a WOMAN marry it needs to be forever. That means unless so,etching really bad happens, you have to stick to your wife and I think you should pick your wife. Not your parents.

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