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Hour 6 “Where I’m From”

Posted by murphydl on September 17, 2015

I am from my room where farm toys are everywhere,

overflowing out of totes.

As a child I spent hours on my hands and knees,

I would farm each room of the house over and over again.

I’m from Momma’s cooking,

Fresh chocolate chip cookies,

And warm vanilla air fresheners.

I’m from the smell of Gain

laundry detergent

as I walk in the back door.

I’m from the national anthem and racer’s prayer

with butterflies in my stomach

unaware of what will happen that night.

Grandma’s fresh apple pies to Grandpa’s freshly cut wheat field

Sometimes I wish that time could yield.

We will keep the herd in check

Always shall we be remembered

As the ones who never faltered.

I’m from Mom teaching me how to slow dance.

I’m from manners,


and taking my hat off at the dinner table.

I am from unbearable Christmas music in July,

To front porch pumpkin carving in September.

I’m from where you would

ask to go do something that

seemed crazy and would get


“If your friends would jump

off a cliff, would you?”

My family is like animals at the zoo,

each with our own characteristics.

We don’t all get along, but we have

A bond that can never

be broken.

I am from hard falls

and hard times.

I am from fighting

with adults and kids.

I am from wise sayings,

But unwise actions.

I am from small apartments

with large families.

I come from somewhere most people won’t even

  1. Where a long metal box was home and a

strong wind could take it all away.

I’m also from the time we took a vacation

to Colorado and rode four wheelers all

over the mountains and discovered a place where

you actually feel free.

I am from a family that is like a tree.

We have a strong base.

We branch out like one, too.

meaning we are always

adding people to the family.

No matter what we always keep

together, and we all support each other.

I am from 14 years without a father.

I am from reservations and Native Americans.

From trailer parks and Christmas

where almost half the family would come

and visit.

I am from a family like a pickup truck,

they are big and loud, but they are reliable

and always there for you when you need them.

They might mess up and blow a tire or break down,

but it’s always an easy fix.


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