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Talk Back 1…Recommendations

Posted by murphydl on September 16, 2015

Mrs. Davidson asked staff members for book recommendations for an order she’s placing for our library. I asked if she could hold off on the order until I asked my seniors, and she agreed. So… your first blog entry of the year is to recommend authors or books or genres of books that you’d like to see in our library and explain why you think those would be good additions.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 1.33.13 PM

Comments due 11:59 p.m. today (Thursday, September 17, 2015)


38 Responses to “Talk Back 1…Recommendations”

  1. Kale said

    I think the book that you should get is, “Where The Wild Things Are” because it is a really good book, it’s one of the only books I like. It might be a little kid book but it is a good one. It is my favorite book.

  2. Ztodd said

    More technical books based on firearms, because the ones we currently have aren’t really good.

  3. The only book that I really am wanting is American Sniper. That’s the one book that I want to read this year. So if she has that book and is ready to check out I’m in.

  4. And the reason I want to read this book is because it has a lot of current events in it. I also love action books/movies.

  5. Hh5 said

    I do not read very often but I really enjoy the book I’m reading right now, “Bass Reves” because it’s adventours and has large text. I enjoy reading The “Hatchet” series they were also enjoyable to read and I still wish the library had more of them. I hope we have more adventure books in the near future.

  6. Marc W 3 said

    I’d like some true stories about serial killers because I have always found things like that interesting.

  7. BM2 said

    I’d like to see the rest of the Rangers Apprentice books added. Maybe even the Inheritance Cycle Series ( eragon ) or all of the Percy Jackson Books. Fantasy books in general.

  8. ER2 said

    I recommend anything like the Cherub series it’s an action packed spy thriller for teens. The Cherub series consists of content that is rated in my opinion a lot higher if you like books with details this is the series for you. Not only does the Cherub series have a rather large amount of books in its series but it also goes into a couple other different series. I would say this series could take almost the entire school year to read them all. We do not have all of these books in the series and it’d be nice if all the books were there in the series so no one was skipping an entire book. Non fiction books with a lot of action are the books I read and I know I’m not the only one in this school that reads books like this.

  9. Hd2 said

    The books that I think that should be in our library’s are nonfictional book. Specifically about western people that where alive back in the day. I think they would be good because there are a a lot of people that could those books.

  10. Sk2 said

    I think we should get more older classical fiction books (for example: Peter Pan, Moby Dick, ect.) and we should also get more non fiction books. My favorite non fiction author is Steven Hawking.
    I like older books, and think they’re more interesting than newer books. I don’t like most of the fiction books that the library currently has, and there’s isn’t nearly enough non fiction books.

  11. Kale said

    Another thing are just little kid books, as in like short stories. Like the ones that we had read to us as kids because that is just a good throwback. It is something that some of us, i would for sure, would like. Just to be able to read books that were read to us because there’s a little something more about it.

  12. Ms2 said

    I would like to see more true mystery storys as in based on true stories. I also would like more fiction mystery but not the childish mystery, again back to the based on true stories. It think mystery would be good because it intrest me to see how the world is really just crazy. People seem to be very interested in real life stories. I think it’s good for people to see how other people live to bring back that you should be truely thankful.

  13. MR2 said

    I would really like to see more poetry books in our library. I think these kind of books would be a good addition because poetry is so captivating and interesting to read. I love reading feelings and emotions of others and incorporating that into a book setting makes it even better and very interesting.

  14. bm2 said

    I like to read old western books. I would like to see more of them like maybe Gary Paulson. Also old country adventure books. I think they are very interesting books. They have a lot of action in them and excitement.

  15. KT2 said

    I would like to see more of John Green books, I particularly would like to see in our library Paper Towns. I feel like this would be a good addition and I enjoy reading his books so I feel I will really like this one.

  16. JC2 said

    I would like more hunting/survival stories either non fiction or fiction. And also more murder/crime stories. I don’t have a preferred author anything that follows those categories i would greatly appreciate.

  17. NB2 said

    I would like the library to start carrying more Non Fiction books about crime scenes, war, and life’s of police officers!

  18. Chris york said

    I think that most people like easy reads and I’m a fan of willdlife or survival books

  19. GD2 said

    I would like to eye more history or science books come to are library. This teaches us about the past and what made us who we are today. Also, science teaches us about current issues and knowledge that the world has. I believe that these would help to improve are library.

  20. Db said

    I want to see more books about survival,adventure,.

  21. JB2 said

    If the library would get new books I would like to see it get more horror/fiction books. Preferably one’s for a more mature audience.

  22. ES2 said

    I would like to see some more Stephen King books in the library. If that wouldn’t work, maybe more books similar to his books. I like how they are long books, and they are full of action.

  23. Morgan said

    I think some more books my Kristina McBride. I’m currently reading “One Moment” by her for the fourth time and it’s by far my most favorite book. I’d love to read more books like it at least.

  24. Jimmy hasty said

    More basketball or sports books. I mean fiction sports books with story’s. I’ve read a lot of them already

  25. Caleb Osborne said

    I would like some books on modern day ranchers and the day in the life of a modern rancher. I have always dreamed of being a rancher.

  26. DT6 said

    I would like to see more books by Will Weaver because he is my favorite author. I would also like to see more automotive racing books too because that is what I’ve grown up around.

  27. Sethhughes6 said

    If we do happen to get new books in our schools library, I would like to see more sports related book. Books like Gym Candy, Leverage, and Friday night lights. These are about the only books or genre of books I will read. There are plenty of other stident in our school that would enjoy these books I think. These books are exciting and really grab my attention. I hope we get more of this genre cause I’m running out of books to read in the library.

  28. RB said

    The soulkeeper series by G.P. Ching is a very food series I have read it and I think That it would be a good addition because it is a very good series and an award winning series.

  29. BL said

    A series of books that I would like to see added to the library is the “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Also known as “Ga,e of Thrones”, the reason as to why I chose this series, is because the series itself is very interesting. Not only that it provides thrill, murder, action, mischief etc. The book series itself provides an arsenal of themes, as well colorful characters, that eventually die at some point.

  30. christinacramer6 said

    I would recommend more mystery books. I don’t have any specific authors or titles. I personally love these types of books because they keep you guessing the whole time.

  31. LM6 said

    I think that more wilderness books similar to Gary Paulsen’s books would be a good addition. I really like Mr. Paulsen’s line of book but I have read them all and need some new additions. I also think another good book would be American Sniper by Chris Kyle. I think being as close as we are to Fort Riley it would be a good addition as well.

  32. KH6 said

    This star won’t go out by John Green. John Green is my favorite author. I haven’t read this book by him yet but I would like to. It has really good reviews and seems like a great book.

  33. B.K6 said

    I would like to see more books about WWII or books about our wars that are more present.

  34. BB3 said

    I would like to see books by Nora Roberts. Nora Roberts has many books and they are good books to read. Her books are romantic books.

  35. Jv1 said

    I would like to read some more books that were base off a true story. Rather it love, drama, mystery, ect. Also, I love to read more if the books were series.

  36. JJ2 said

    Secret of Sirens because I enjoy reading about the Greek gods. I think students would also enjoy these books because they are similar to the Percy Jackson.

  37. Dc2 said

    I would like for the library to have more true stories about westerns. For a example Jessie James back in the day. I would also like to have more true stories about how Kansas became a state.

  38. MOrgan Chestnut said

    I would like to see more action books. Those are the only ones I enjoy reading. Like mysterys and murders. Then I can actually get interested in in.

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